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15+ Best AI Background Remover in 2024

AI Background Remover

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a powerhouse, handling various tasks from writing to creating images. It’s no wonder that AI has also made its mark in image editing tools on different platforms.

Whether you need to improve your image resolution or fix colors in an old photo, AI is there to assist you.

One of the standout and widely-used features is AI’s ability to remove backgrounds from images with just a single click.

If you’ve been searching for this convenient feature to simplify your life, check out the list below featuring the top 10 AI background remover solutions.

What is an AI Background Remover?

AI-powered background remover tools allow you to eliminate the background of any image effortlessly. You no longer need to manually trace around your subject with a mouse, trackpad, or stylus to carefully cut them out from their existing background. Just upload your image, and let these tools work their magic.

Some of these tools focus solely on background removal, while others offer additional services. Depending on your needs, you can choose a platform that suits you, enabling you to remove your image’s background and providing other solutions.

Quick Review

Certainly! Below is a table summarizing the information about the “Best AI Background Remover” tools:

ToolFeaturesProsConsBest For
CanvaAI Background Remover, Full Image Editing SuiteHigh-quality results, Intuitive interface, Popular solution, Mobile appsPricing can be steep, Excessive editing featuresEditing enthusiasts, Professional marketers
ClipdropVersatile photo editing, Background Remover, Cleanup, Upscale, RelightEasy to use, Combination of editing features, Competitive pricingFeatures can be redundant, Steep pricingAI enthusiasts, Marketers
Adobe ExpressPart of Adobe’s offerings, Background RemoverImpressive background removal, Various editing features, Free to useCan be difficult for just background removal, App may take time to loadEnthusiasts, Marketers
BeFunkyOnline photo editing, Background RemoverUser-friendly interface, Powerful removal tool, Competitive priceBackground removal locked with subscription, Features not significantly differentEnthusiasts, Marketers
SlazzerAI photo background removerEasy interface, Simple editing, High-quality results, API integrationsNo extensive editing tools, Previews not free through APIsEnthusiasts, Designers, Developers
Cutout.ProAI-powered photo editing, Background Remover, Face cutouts, Object removalEasy interface, Array of AI tools, Video background removalSteep pricing, May require additional toolsAI enthusiasts, Marketers
PhotoScissorsAI-powered background removerAdditional editing features, User-friendly, Competitive pricingOutput results not high quality, Outdated designEnthusiasts
Erase.bgAI tool for instant background removalIntuitive interface, High-quality results, Extensive free offerings, Mobile appsNo basic image adjustment tools, Lack of advanced featuresEnthusiasts, Marketers, Designers
PicsartPopular image editing, Background RemoverHigh-quality results, Easy-to-use, Advanced editing tools, Mobile appsBackground remover not free, Extensive tools may not be useful for everyoneEnthusiasts, Marketers, Designers
Removal.AISimplified AI background removal, Professional editors availableEasy to use, Additional editing features, Competitive pricing, API integrationsFree plan limitations, Free previews restricted in appsEnthusiasts, Designers, Developers
ImaggaAI image recognition, Background RemoverEfficient background removal, Content moderation, Color adjustmentsFeatures may be challenging, No URL uploads, Pricing is highEnthusiasts, Marketers
Wondershare PixcutAI-powered background remover, Easy croppingUser-friendly, Fast removal, Precision in croppingHigh-res processing may take time, Lacks advanced editingEnthusiasts
WepikAI-driven design functionalities, Background RemoverTotally free, User-friendly, High-quality imagesMaterial attribution required, Basic editing featuresEnthusiasts
PhotoRoomAI Photo Editor, Background RemoverAutomatic removal, Customizable templates, Additional editing featuresIneffective removal of similar objects, Not suitable for professionalsEnthusiasts

Please note that for some tools, detailed pricing information was not provided in the text.

Top 15 AI Background Remover


ai background remover

Canva, known as one of the best online photo editing solutions, offers an efficient Background Remover tool. With its online availability and user-friendly interface, you can easily upload your image and let Canva’s AI engine remove the background seamlessly. It’s not just a background remover; Canva is a full image editing suite, allowing you to change backgrounds and use your new image without switching between tools.


  • High-quality results.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Popular solution provider.
  • Mobile apps.


  • Pricing can be a bit steep.
  • Editing features might be excessive for simple background removal.

Best For:
Canva is ideal for editing enthusiasts and professional marketers seeking comprehensive image editing and background removal capabilities.


image 22

Powered by Stability.ai, Clipdrop is a versatile photo editing platform featuring a Background Remover tool. You can remove your image background upon upload and further enhance it with tools like cleanup, upscale, relight, and text remover. Developed by Stability.ai, the same platform behind AI-powered Stable Diffusion, Clipdrop offers an added artistic touch to your images.


  • Easy to use tool.
  • Combination of different editing features.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Supported by a popular publisher.
  • Mobile apps.


  • Features can be redundant.
  • Pricing is somewhat steep for overall tools.

Best For:
Clipdrop’s Remove Background tool is suitable for AI enthusiasts and marketers aiming for background removal or image upscaling, coupled with basic editing features.

Adobe Express

image 24

Adobe Express, as a response to newer online editing tools, is a part of the image editing giant’s offerings. With various online features, including the Adobe Express Background Remover, it allows for quick image edits without the commitment to more extensive software solutions. This tool efficiently removes image backgrounds automatically upon upload, making it a standout feature within the platform.


  • Impressive background removal.
  • Several editing features.
  • Free to use (email sign-up required).
  • Credible brand name.


  • Can be somewhat difficult for just background removal.
  • The app may take some time to load.

Best For:
Adobe Express background removal is great for enthusiasts and marketers who want to use editing features through a major platform without paying the big bucks.


image 25

BeFunky, an online photo editing platform, is recognized for its photo effects and collages and includes a Background Remover tool. This feature, however, requires payment for access, distinguishing it from many other tools. With a paid subscription, you can efficiently remove backgrounds, creating new artworks and graphics using the platform’s editing tools.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Powerful background removal tool.
  • Several editing features in the paid plan.
  • Competitive price point.


  • Background removal tool is locked with a subscription.
  • Other features are not significantly different from more popular competitors.

Best For:
BeFunky is great for enthusiasts and marketers seeking a robust background remover tool at a competitive price point that unlocks with annual billing.


Slazzer, an AI photo background remover tool, stands out for its simplicity in automatically eliminating background elements from images. It offers a straightforward solution where you upload your image, get the subject with the background removed, and further adjust or add backgrounds. With free solutions for images up to 0.25 megapixels, Slazzer becomes a cost-effective option for specific resolutions.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Simple editing features.
  • High-quality results.
  • Competitive pricing model.
  • API integrations for developers.


  • Extensive editing tools are not available.
  • Previews are not free when used through APIs.

Best For:
From enthusiasts to designers, Slazzer is excellent for anyone looking for a simple yet efficient tool to remove backgrounds. The API access makes it ideal for developers to use in their apps.

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Cutout.Pro stands out as an AI-powered photo editing platform with an array of image and video tools, including a Background Remover. It offers not only background removal but also face cutouts and the ability to remove unwanted objects. With additional features like AI diffusion and image enhancers, Cutout.Pro provides a mix of functional and fun tools.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Array of AI-enabled tools.
  • Video background removal.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing.


  • Steep pricing plans.
  • May require additional tools for further image editing.

Best For:
Cutout.Pro is perfect for AI enthusiasts wanting a variety of AI-powered tools and marketers seeking the rare feature of video background removal.


PhotoScissors stands out as an AI-powered background remover tool, automatically eliminating backgrounds from your uploaded images. Users can download processed images with a transparent background or replace it with custom or preset images. While PhotoScissors focuses on background removal and adjustments, it provides additional editing tools for subject retouching.


  • Additional editing features.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Easy to use.
  • Credits are not restricted to a month.


  • Output results are not high quality.
  • Initial page and website design look outdated.

Best For:
PhotoScissors is best for enthusiasts who occasionally use a background remover for visually simple images, especially due to its non-monthly credit expiration.


Erase.bg stands out as a straightforward AI tool designed to remove the background of images instantly upon upload. Powered by PixelBin.io, it delivers high-quality results and offers extensive free services, allowing users to download up to 45 images per month at no cost. The platform’s simplicity, custom background addition options, and availability on iOS and Android make it a compelling choice.


  • Intuitive interface.
  • High-quality results.
  • Custom background addition through the platform.
  • Extensive free offerings.
  • Mobile apps.


  • No basic image adjustment tools.
  • Lack of advanced editing features.

Best For:
Erase.bg is great for enthusiasts, marketers, and designers who want to remove the background of their images quickly but with high-quality results. The extensive free offerings set the tool apart from many other options.


Picsart, a popular image editing tool, caters to casual users with both website and mobile apps. Alongside various features, it includes a Background Remover tool. Users can remove the background after uploading an image, though this requires a paid subscription. Despite the extra step and subscription cost, Picsart delivers high-quality results, making it one of the best AI background remover solutions.


  • High-quality results.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Advanced editing tools.
  • Popular photo editing platform.
  • Mobile apps.


  • Background remover not available without a subscription.
  • Extensive editing tools may not be of use to everyone.

Best For:
Since Picsart brings a variety of additional editing features to the table along with its background remover, it is most suitable for enthusiasts, marketers, and graphics designers.


Removal.AI prioritizes AI background removal solutions by simplifying the process. Users upload an image, and the tool takes care of the background removal. For additional assistance, users can hire professional editors through the platform. With the option to download preview images for free and various pricing plans, Removal.AI is a versatile choice for users with different needs.


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Additional editing features.
  • Competitive pricing plans.
  • Hire manual editors at an additional charge.
  • API makes third-party integrations possible.


  • Free plan does not offer much.
  • Free previews are restricted when used through apps.

Best For:
Removal.AI is most suitable for enthusiasts, designers, and marketers who want to remove or replace the background of their images with basic editing features to adjust the image. It is also great for developers who wish to integrate these functionalities into their apps.


Imagga, recognized as a top AI background remover, is more than an image recognition app. It not only identifies objects or backgrounds within images but also facilitates their removal, providing alternative background templates.


  • Background removal editor with limited template options.
  • Drag-and-drop uploader.
  • Content moderation to eliminate inappropriate elements.
  • Color adjustment tool for customized settings.


  • Efficient background removal.
  • Content moderation filters unfitting images.
  • Advanced machine learning-powered features.


  • Features may be challenging to use.
  • No support for URL uploads.
  • Pricing is relatively high for individuals.


  • Indie plan: $79/month.
  • Pro plan: $349/month.
  • Enterprise: Contact sales.

Wondershare Pixcut

Wondershare Pixcut, a leading AI background remover, focuses on easy cropping and background removal. With swift subject isolation and options for removing undesired elements, Pixcut also provides various background templates.


  • Templates and color options for replacements.
  • Shadow effects for enhanced appearance.
  • Image enlarger for size adjustments.
  • Object eraser for removing unwanted elements.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Fast and effective background removal.
  • Precision in cropping.
  • Removes additional elements like watermarks.


  • High-resolution image processing may take time.
  • Lacks advanced image editing features.


  • Free plan: $0.
  • Pay-as-you-go plan: $4.99/5 credits.
  • Monthly plan: $6.99/50 credits/month.


Wepik, driven by AI, offers various free design functionalities, including an efficient background remover tool. This tool cleanly isolates subjects for inserting into designs or creating logos. Wepik provides customizable backgrounds and offers a range of templates for professional visuals.


  • Customizable background options.
  • Basic editing features.
  • Insertion of graphic elements without affecting the image.
  • Prebuilt editable templates.


  • Totally free to use.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Produces high-quality images.
  • Mobile app availability.


  • Attribution required for materials created.
  • Basic editing features.


  • Totally free for users.


PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor, recognized as a top AI background remover, focuses on removing backgrounds from images. It provides additional features like image resizing, background generation, blurring, and object removal.


  • Automatic background remover with instant or blurry backgrounds.
  • Customizable background templates.
  • Personalization options: add objects, rearrange, incorporate shadows.
  • Free version includes background removal and basic editing.
  • Premium version offers batch editing and professional-grade tools.


  • Mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Various background options and editing features.
  • Batch editor for multiple images.
  • Totally free for users.


  • Ineffective removal of objects similar to the background.
  • Not suitable for professional photo editing.


  • Photoroom’s background-removing feature and other tools are completely free.


Zyro, a user-friendly website builder, features a free AI background remover tool. It effortlessly eliminates backgrounds using advanced image recognition, creating transparent backgrounds seamlessly.


  • AI background remover with transparent background option.
  • Tons of free templates.
  • Image recognition algorithm for accurate removal.
  • Import/export options supporting PNG and JPG formats.


  • Free background remover tool.
  • Easy and straightforward to use.
  • No decrease in image resolution after downloading.


  • No batch editing feature.
  • No additional editing features.


  • The AI background-removing tool is completely free.


The list offers various AI tools for background removal, catering to different needs. To make an informed decision, consider key factors:

1. Ease of Use:
Opt for tools with an intuitive interface for quick background removal or choose more advanced solutions with additional features.

2. Additional Features:
Decide based on your requirements; some tools offer only background removal, while others provide a range of features for image enhancement.

3. Overall Quality:
Compare the quality of background removal, ensuring it aligns with your needs. Different tools may excel in various aspects.

4. Affordability:
Evaluate pricing and ensure the tool you choose aligns with your budget. Shortlist options that appeal to you, making the selection process easier.

Keeping these considerations in mind will help you find a suitable AI background remover, providing a go-to solution for processing your images efficiently.

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