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11+ Best AI Tools for Interview Preparations in 2024

AI Interview Preparation

Artificial intelligence is changing how we do things, including the way we hire people. One area where it’s making a big impact is in recruitment. AI-powered interview platforms are a great example of this. These platforms are efficient, personalized, and rely on data to make decisions.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best AI-powered interview preparation platforms. These tools give job seekers the tools they need to land their dream job.

Quick Review

AI ToolDescriptionKey Features
HuruAn innovative AI-powered interview coach offering personalized sessions, instant feedback, and access to a vast pool of 20,000+ questions.– Customized question generation based on specific job descriptions.
– Accurate and constructive feedback.
– Extensive question coverage, saving time.
– Video practice sessions.
– Integration with job listings.
– Reusable and multivariate practice.
Wizco’s AvaWizco’s AI-powered interview coach using data from 10,000 companies globally. Provides tailored question sets, adaptive questions, dual interview mode, and communication tone analysis for a realistic experience.– Tailored question sets based on desired job positions.
– Adaptive questions for personalized experience.
– Dual interview mode with text and verbal options.
– Communication tone analysis.
– Free accessibility for everyone.
InterviewIgniterEliminates post-interview uncertainty with AI roleplay simulations. Offers immediate feedback, self-paced sessions, real-world questions, and powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT with emotion analysis.– Immediate and personalized feedback.
– Self-paced practice sessions.
– Real-world questions from experts.
– Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
AI Mock InterviewTailors interview practice with detailed feedback and insights from the latest AI engine.– Tailored interview practice.
– Personalized insights after each mock interview.
TalkBerryA language learning app with an AI-powered interview simulation feature to improve English interview skills.– Personalized AI tutor selection.
– Real-time feedback on spoken English.
– Extensive conversation scenarios.
– AI-powered interview simulation.
RightJoinOffers personalized mock interviews based on uploaded resumes and job postings.– Personalized practice based on resume/job listing.
– Different interview formats.
– Candidate profile creation.
Interviewsby.aiProvides tailored practice sessions customized to job descriptions, powered by ChatGPT.– Custom-made mock interviews using ChatGPT.
– Real-time feedback via voice input.
InterviewAIAn AI tool creating personalized cover letters based on chosen jobs and qualifications.– Generate 10 tailored interview questions.
– Covers background, situational, and technical domains.
– Uses voice recognition to answer questions.
– Real-time feedback with evaluations.
Interview Prep AIAddresses frustrations of job seekers with streamlined CV integration, customization, and iterative practice.– Streamlined CV integration.
– Customization for unique experiences.
– Iterative practice with AI simulations.
Interview WarmupA powerful practice platform from Google for answering interview questions with real-time transcription.– Real-time transcription of answers.
– Detection of “insights” within responses.
– Repository of interview questions.
Job Interview AIImproves business English skills in real-time, allowing practice at your own pace.– Time-agnostic AI support.
– Subtitle functionality for pronunciation.
– Tailored scenarios for various industries.
– Rapid response AI agents for interactive communication.

Top AI Tools Interview Preparation Platforms


interview preparation

Huru is an innovative AI-powered interview preparation coach. It helps candidates improve their interview skills through personalized sessions, instant feedback, and access to a vast pool of over 20,000 questions and answer guides.

Key Features:

  • Customized question generation: Huru creates tailored interview questions based on specific job descriptions from popular platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter.
  • Advanced feedback: Huru provides accurate and constructive insights on interview performance.
  • Comprehensive question coverage: The app has an extensive database of over 20,000 questions, saving candidates time in their preparation.
  • Video practice sessions: Huru allows candidates to practice interview skills through video sessions.
  • Integration with job listings: Huru’s Chrome extension integrates with job listing platforms, enabling candidates to generate interview questions directly from the app.
  • Reusable and multivariate: Candidates can practice with new questions or retake previous ones for continuous improvement.

Regular practice is key to interview success, and Huru offers a comprehensive platform for refining responses and receiving feedback.

Wizco’s Ava

image 19

Ava, Wizco’s AI-powered interview coach, changes how people get ready for job interviews. This online tool uses data from interviews conducted by 10,000 companies worldwide to give personalized coaching advice to each user.

Key Features:

  • Tailored question sets: Ava doesn’t use fixed questions; it creates personalized questions based on your desired job positions and specific needs.
  • Adaptive questions: Ava adjusts to your answers, creating follow-up questions based on your responses. This provides a personalized and realistic interview experience, refining your preparation to be relevant and challenging.
  • Dual interview mode: The platform shows questions in text format and allows you to listen to them. You can respond verbally or write down your answers.
  • Communication tone analysis: Ava evaluates your responses for positive, negative, and hesitant language and tone. It also analyzes each sentence, suggesting ways to sound more confident.
  • Conversational experience: Practicing with Ava is easy and enjoyable. It transcribes your responses in real-time, offering a natural conversation experience.

On Ava, you can input your preferred company name, the position you’re applying for, and the job description. It generates interview questions accordingly, allowing you to prepare for the role. This solution is accessible to everyone for free.


image 20

InterviewIgniter eliminates the uncertainty of post-interview evaluations. This platform provides AI roleplay simulations of real-world interview scenarios, helping users build confidence through interactive practice.

Key Features:

  • Immediate and personalized feedback.
  • Self-paced practice sessions.
  • Real-world questions from industry experts.
  • Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT with emotion analysis.

InterviewIgniter offers various interview formats and a comprehensive question bank. You can customize your mock interview experience and practice diverse questions and job roles.

AI Mock Interview

AI Mock Interview, created by Leon Wei at SQLPad.io, is a tool that tailors interview practice to your needs. It provides detailed feedback and insights from the latest AI engine after each mock interview.

Key Features:

  • Tailored interview practice: Choose from existing templates or upload a job role to receive personalized questions.
  • Detailed feedback from the AI engine: Get personalized insights after each mock interview.

AI Mock Interview, using the latest AI engine, ensures you are well-prepared and ready to secure your dream job.

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TalkBerry is primarily a language learning app but includes a feature for simulated job interview sessions to test and improve English interview skills.

Key Features:

  • Personalized AI tutor selection: Users can choose their favorite AI tutor for language practice.
  • Real-time feedback: Users receive instant feedback and personalized suggestions on spoken English to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Extensive conversation scenarios: TalkBerry offers various conversation scenarios to explore language topics and conversational situations.
  • AI-powered interview simulation: Beyond language learning, TalkBerry simulates job interviews, providing an interface for users to hone their English job interview skills with an AI hiring manager.

With advanced AI, TalkBerry offers a realistic language practice experience, addressing the challenges of finding conversational partners or native speakers. The platform goes beyond language learning by simulating job interviews and helping users improve their English job interview skills.


RightJoin offers personalized practice sessions for interviews, allowing users to upload their resumes and share job postings for upcoming interviews. Mock interviews are then tailored based on this information.

Key Features

  1. Personalized practice: Mock interviews customized to the uploaded resume and/or job listing.
  2. Different interview formats: Choose from various formats like prescreening, technical, behavioral, and case studies. Users can also practice on specific topics or listed job postings.
  3. Candidate profile creation: Users can create a profile, set up interviews, face AI interviewers, receive detailed performance assessments, and repeat the process until they feel confident for real interviews.
    RightJoin empowers professionals to gain confidence and excel in job interviews.


Interviewsby.ai provides tailored practice sessions customized to the job description, powered by ChatGPT.

Key Features:

  • Custom-made mock interviews using ChatGPT.
  • Real-time feedback via voice input: The platform accepts voice input and instantly provides feedback on users’ answers.
  • Encouraging and motivating interface.
    This tool stands out for its ability to take voice input and offer immediate feedback, making practice sessions more effective.


InterviewAI introduces a fantastic AI tool that creates personalized cover letters based on your chosen job and qualifications. It’s a simple process – just input your details, and let the AI do the rest. This tool is versatile, supporting multiple languages so you can enhance your interview skills in your preferred language.

Key Features:

  • Generate 10 tailored interview questions for the job description.
  • Covers background, situational, and technical questions.
  • Uses voice recognition to answer questions.
  • Real-time feedback with evaluations and improvement suggestions.
    InterviewAI is a helpful companion in your job search, ensuring success in crucial job interviews, even for remote workers.

Interview Prep AI

Interview Prep AI emerged from the frustration of job seekers looking for a tool to prepare for interviews. The realization that AI could transform interview preparedness led to the creation of this tool.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined CV integration: Input your CV, converted to text for processing.
  • Customization: Fill in details like job description, interview type, and language for a unique experience.
  • Iterative practice: Engage in multiple live interview iterations with the AI, simulating dynamic conversational scenarios.
    Interview Prep AI helps you move beyond nervousness to preparedness, serving as your companion in pursuing your dream job.

Interview Warmup

Interview Warmup from Google is a powerful practice platform designed to train in answering interview questions, building confidence, and getting familiar with the interview process. As you answer questions, Interview Warmup uses Google’s real-time transcription to capture your responses.

Key Features:

  • Real-time transcription captures your answers meticulously.
  • Detects “insights” within your responses, like identifying topics such as experience, skills, and lessons learned.
  • Repository of interview questions curated by industry experts.
    Your responses don’t contribute to enhancing machine learning models, ensuring the privacy of your information.

Job Interview AI

Job Interview AI improves your business English skills in real-time. With an AI assistant supporting your practice sessions, you can rehearse conversations at your own pace without time constraints.

Key Features:

  • Time-agnostic AI: Practice interviews at your own convenience with AI assistance.
  • Subtitle functionality: Evaluate pronunciation and effective communication with subtitle functionality.
  • Tailored scenarios: Experience interview scenarios tailored to different industries and situations.
  • Rapid response: AI agents help sharpen communication skills with interactive and quick responses.
    Job Interview AI introduces innovative features like subtitle functionality for pronunciation assessment and tailored scenarios for various industries and situations, allowing practice with a real conversation feel and enhancing communication skills with swift responses.
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