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13 Best AI Tweet Generator for Twitter (X) – 2024

AI Tweet Generator

Oh, Twitter! Whether you like it or not, it’s a great place to connect and promote your brand online. If you keep tweeting regularly, interact with others, and plan your Twitter strategy well, you’ll build followers and see more engagement. But how do you do that? What do you tweet? Crafting engaging tweets takes time and effort, and as social media managers, marketers, and business owners, time isn’t always on our side.

That’s where an AI tweet generator comes in handy. With it, you can quickly get high-quality, engaging tweets that match your brand. Choosing the right one from the many available can be overwhelming, and that’s why we’re here to help you discover the best AI tweet generators to use today.

What exactly is an AI tweet generator?

It’s like other AI text tools – it uses data to create creative tweets. You just input a topic, and it suggests interesting content that you can adjust to match your Twitter audience’s tone.

If you don’t like the results, you can try again with the same input or make edits yourself. Some advanced tools even have features like scheduling and auto-DMing other users. They help you find similar tweets, engage with users, and some can even act as social media managers, providing analytics to monitor campaign success. Plus, they handle larger texts, allowing you to create blog posts.

Why use an AI tweet generator? Well, it can:

  • Make social media campaigns more efficient.
  • Prevent human errors and controversial posts.
  • Assist those with limited copywriting skills.
  • Provide content inspiration when you’re stuck.
  • Ensure originality with built-in plagiarism checkers.

While these tools are marketed as text generators, they offer much more. Some can help with articles and create professional-grade images. Depending on your needs, you can choose a simple tool for tweeting or a more extensive suite for complete content automation. For busy marketing professionals using Twitter daily, a tweet generator can be a game-changer, freeing them from the stress of creating attention-grabbing tweets.

Quick Review

AI Tweet GeneratorDescriptionFeaturesPricing
Tweet HunterAwesome software for creating cool social media content. Utilizes smart technology and a massive library of popular tweets.– Keyword-based tweet suggestions – Ability to retry for new well-crafted tweets – Ghostwriters ensure top-notch contentNot specified
WritecreamMulti-functional tool beyond Twitter, excellent for writing tweets. Features AI Boss Mode for creating diverse tweet types with hashtags.– Blog post writing – SEO content creation – Digital images generation – Subject lines creationFree option with 20 credits or unlimited credits for $29/month
TweetyaiTailored for Twitter, generates tweets based on a specific Twitter handle. Analyzes past tweets to create content matching audience preferences.– Quick tweet generation – Access to unlimited Twitter content – Trending tweet download in CSV fileFree plan with ads or ad-free plan for $3.99/month
WritesonicHelps create better tweets easily across various topics and languages. Simply input topic, choose language, and generate three personalized tweet ideas.– High-quality tweets in 25+ languages – Personalized tweets – Improved communication and engagementPricing based on usage, ranging from $10 to $195 per month
PallyTransforms keywords, hashtags, or topics into engaging tweets. Allows customization of tone, length, and style for unique and high-quality tweets.– Access to captivating tweet ideas – Tailor tweets to unique style – High-quality tweet generationFree plan (15 posts/month for a single brand) or Premium plan for $15/month
HyperFurySpecialized Twitter tool offering automation and content creation. Allows rewriting popular tweets and stands out with auto-comment and follow-up tweet features.– Automation for Twitter and other social networks – Auto-comment and follow-up tweets featuresNot specified
Tailwind GhostwriterPart of the Tailwind social media dashboard, known for visual networks. Ghostwriter is an AI content creation tool similar to Jasper, offering campaign ideas based on input.– AI content creation – Ideas for campaigns based on basic informationNot specified
TaskadeAI tweet generator to overcome writer’s block. Easy to use, input keywords or topics to generate relevant tweets for target audience.– Boost Twitter presence and engagement – User-friendly interface – Increased interaction, likes, and retweetsFree plan (1,000 credits, single user) or Paid plans starting from $208/month
HyperwriteUtilizes advanced AI models like GPT-4 and ChatGPT for creating original and interesting tweet ideas. Involves entering idea or theme, generating, reviewing, adding a personal touch, and sharing on Twitter.– Create original and compelling tweet ideas – Eliminate blank screen staring – Add personal touch to generated tweetsNot specified
Tweetstorm.aiSimple tool for generating professional, customized tweets. Easy sign-up, input keywords or topics, hit “Generate Tweets,” choose favorites, and share on Twitter.– Professional tweet creation – User-friendly interface – Choose and copy resonant tweetsFree tool, with options to upgrade for more credits and features starting at $12
StoryLab.aiActs as a social media assistant using GPT-3 for quick tweet creation. Offers various use cases, including getting caption inspiration, rewording existing tweets, and exploring AI and social media marketing.– Quick tweet creation – Reword existing tweets – Explore AI and social media marketingFree start, with plans starting at $5-19 per month for additional features
NichessSuper simple AI Tweet Generator. Choose a topic and tone, and Nichess quickly creates engaging tweets. Offers various features like endless tweet ideas, Twitter reports, and AI-powered idea and copy generator.– Easy-to-use interface – Quick tweet generation – Access to AI-powered idea and copy generatorStarting from $9/month up to $39/month based on features and tweet volume

Top 13 Best AI Tweet Generator You Should Try

Tweet Hunter

ai tweet

Tweet Hunter is awesome software that helps you create cool content for your social media. It uses smart technology with a huge library of over 3 million popular tweets to make sure you always have fresh ideas.

Just type in a keyword, and the tool gives you some suggestions. If you don’t like them, you can try again for new, well-crafted tweets. The company even has ghostwriters making sure the content is top-notch.


image 1

Writecream does more than just Twitter, but it’s great for writing tweets. Its AI Boss Mode lets you create different types of tweets with hashtags for Twitter.

Just give it a command like, “Write me 5 tweets about why working remotely is the best with relevant hashtags,” and Writecream’s AI gives you a list of tweets to choose from.

Writecream can also help with blog posts, SEO content, digital images, subject lines, and more. They offer a free option with 20 credits or unlimited credits for $29/month.


image 2

If you’re all about Twitter, Tweetyai is the perfect AI tweet tool for you. It works like the ones mentioned earlier, but it generates tweets based on a specific Twitter handle.

The AI tool looks at your past tweets and creates more content that matches what your audience would like. Tweetyai lets you generate tweets quickly, access unlimited Twitter content, and download trending tweets in a CSV file.

They have a free plan with ads or an ad-free plan for $3.99/month.


image 3

Write better tweets easily with Writesonic, a smart tool that helps you create interesting tweets on various topics and in different languages. Just type in your topic, choose your preferred language, and click “Generate Tweets.” You’ll get three specially crafted tweet ideas just for you.

With Writesonic, you can:

  • Make top-notch tweets in over 25 languages.
  • Craft personalized tweets that sound like you wrote them.
  • Improve your communication with followers by effortlessly generating captivating tweets.
  • Connect with a global audience by overcoming language barriers.
    Price: It depends on usage, ranging from $10 to $195 per month.


image 4

Pally is an amazing tool that transforms your keywords, hashtags, or topics into engaging tweets. Customize the tone, length, and style of your tweets to fit your style, whether you want to be sassy, funny, or share incredible puns.

With Pally, you can:

  • Access a treasure trove of captivating tweet ideas.
  • Tailor your tweets to match your unique style.
  • Generate high-quality tweets in no time.
    Price: A free plan is available, limited to 15 posts per month for a single brand. The Premium plan, offering unlimited posting and multiple brands, is $15 per month.


HypeFury is a special tool for Twitter that gives you many ways to automate things. You can use Twitter as a central place to share your tweets on other social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook.

When it comes to making tweets, HypeFury lets you look through lots of popular posts on Twitter in different categories. For instance, you can check out marketing, health, or finance content and pick the best ones. After that, you can rewrite them using the tool. It also stands out because it has an auto-comment feature and can create follow-up tweets.

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Tailwind Ghostwriter

Tailwind is a complete social media dashboard that’s well-known for focusing on visual networks such as Pinterest and Instagram. They’ve also made a new AI content creation tool named Ghostwriter, which does similar things as Jasper within the Tailwind app.

The software is simple to use and works for almost any platform. You just put in the basic info, and then this strong tool comes up with ideas for your campaigns.


Say goodbye to writer’s block with Taskade’s AI tweet generator. It’s so easy to use that anyone can master it in seconds! Just input your keywords, hashtags, or topics, and watch as it creates relevant tweets for your target audience. Explore different categories like motivational, funny, promotional, or educational to give your tweets an extra boost!

With Taskade, you can:

  • Boost your Twitter presence and engagement.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface.
  • Drive increased interaction, likes, and retweets.
    Price: Free plan available, but limited to 1,000 credits and a single user. Paid plans start from $208 per month for 3 users and 5,000 credits, and $425 for 5 users and 10,000 credits.


Hyperwrite is an amazing tool that uses smart technology like GPT-4 and ChatGPT. It helps you come up with unique and interesting tweet ideas.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the HyperWrite Tweet Generator tool page.
  2. Enter your idea or theme for the tweet. Let your imagination go wild!
  3. Click ‘Generate’ and see the AI’s brilliance in action.
  4. Review the tweet and add your personal touch.
  5. Copy, paste, and let the magic happen on your Twitter account.

With Hyperwrite, you can:

  • Make original and interesting tweet ideas that your audience will love.
  • Forget about staring at a blank screen.
  • Add your own touch to the generated tweet ideas.
  • Start conversations, spark curiosity, and create meaningful interactions.


Say goodbye to guessing and hello to perfect tweets with TweetStorm.ai. This easy-to-use tool generates professional, customized tweets that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign up on their website.
  2. Enter your keywords or topics in the box.
  3. Hit “Generate Tweets” and watch the magic happen.
  4. Choose the tweets you like, copy them, and share them on your Twitter account.

With Tweetstorm.ai, you can:

  • Create professional tweets with the right mix of hashtags and media.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface for easy tweet generation.
  • Choose and copy tweets that resonate with you.
  • Stay ahead of the competition and make a lasting impression.

Price: The tool is free, but for more credits and options, upgrade to paid plans starting at $12.


StoryLab.ai is like having a social media assistant that can create the perfect tweet in seconds. It uses the power of GPT-3 through StoryLab.ai’s Marketing Copy Generators.

Some uses include:

  • Get ideas for your Twitter captions.
  • Use the paraphrase generator to give a fresh twist to your existing tweets.
  • Explore the resource hub to see how AI and social media marketing can work together.
  • Choose from 13 writing styles to enhance your tweets.
  • Enjoy multilingual support for 17+ languages.

Price: Start for free, but for more features, upgrade to plans starting at $5-19 per month.


Hyperwrite is a fantastic tool using advanced AI models like GPT-4 and ChatGPT to create original and captivating tweet ideas. Here’s how it works: Enter your idea or theme, click ‘Generate,’ add your personal touch, and let the magic unfold on your Twitter account.

With Hyperwrite, you can:

  • Create original and compelling tweet ideas.
  • Bid farewell to staring at a blank screen.
  • Add your personal touch to generated tweet ideas.
  • Spark conversations, ignite curiosity, and drive meaningful interactions.


For a super simple AI Tweet Generator, Nichess is one of the easiest to use. Just pick a topic and the tone you want, and Nichess does the rest.

The AI tweet generator trained on various topics and quickly makes engaging tweets for you. With Nichess, you can get endless tweet ideas in seconds, make your own Twitter reports, and access an AI-powered idea and copy generator.

Prices start at $9/month and go up to $39/month based on the number of tweets and features you want.

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