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16 Best AI Recruiting Tools for Hiring Talent in 2024

AI Recruiting Tools

AI recruiting tools can make the process of finding and evaluating candidates easier for recruiters and hiring managers. This leads to quicker and better hiring decisions.

In 2024, more companies are using AI in recruiting to find new and creative ways to attract top talent and reduce the time and cost of hiring. AI-powered recruiting tools can analyze job descriptions, resumes, and social media profiles to match candidates with job requirements, screen resumes, conduct video interviews, and predict a candidate’s likelihood of accepting a job offer.

Quick Review

ToolKey FeaturesPros
Manatal– AI-powered recommendations – Customizable, user-friendly interface – Extensive job board integration– Transparent pricing – Exceptional support – High-security standards
Breezy.hr– Drag-and-drop pipeline – Automation and collaboration tools – Broad job board integration– Integration with existing tools – Comprehensive candidate management – Mobile app
JobAdder– AI and skill matching – Automated workflows – Extensive job board integration– No lock-in contracts – Award-winning local support – Real-time metrics and insights
Toptal– Connects with top 3% global talent – Focus on design, development, project management, and finance– Trusted by major companies – Thorough screening process – Flexible hiring options
Turing– AI-backed Intelligent Talent Cloud – Global sourcing and vetting – Quick hiring process– Trusted by top companies – Efficient remote hiring – Streamlined process with AI
Upwork– Wide range of categories and industries – Protections for businesses and freelancers – Communication platform– Versatile and well-known – Security measures – Built-in payment system
Textio– AI-enabled augmented writing tool – Real-time bias detection – Age graph feature– Prevents unconscious biases – Provides insights and resources – Measures DEI impact
HiredScore– Machine learning for bias elimination – Focus on credentials and skills – Diversity and inclusion statistics– Prioritizes diversity hiring – Ethics and compliance focus – AI-driven optimization
Fuel50– Skills-based AI Talent Marketplace – Smart matching of employees – Workforce data for HR– Ethical AI for career development – Enhances employer branding – Identifies talent gaps
Fetcher– AI-powered sourcing tools – Diverse talent pipelines – Automated scheduling– Inclusive hiring process – Deep insights and reports – Personalized engagement with candidates
Leena AI– Onboarding experience automation – Candidate pre-boarding – Onboarding analytics– Full spectrum onboarding support – Routine task automation – Mobile app available
Skillate– Deep learning for resume information – AI-based assistant for job descriptions – Auto-interview scheduler– Intelligent hiring services – Improved candidate experiences – Data-backed insights and analytics
TurboHire– Resume parsing – Candidate ranking – Chatbot assessments – Automated job recommendations – Personalized interviews– Driven by data and collaboration – Structured platform – Secure communications

Top 16 AI Recruiting Tools You Should Try


ai recruiting

Manatal stands out as the premier choice for all-encompassing, AI recruiting software. Its seamless functionality and incorporation of cutting-edge technology make it exceptionally user-friendly, catering to the needs of HR teams, recruitment agencies, and headhunters. The platform’s adaptability and intuitive interface set it apart, providing a transformative experience for users. What distinguishes Manatal is its intelligent AI capabilities, simplifying candidate matching and profile enhancement—a vital tool for anyone involved in talent acquisition. Backed by transparent pricing, excellent support, and stringent security measures, Manatal rightfully earns its reputation as the pinnacle of recruitment software.

Discover the top three features and benefits:

  • AI-powered recommendations: Streamline candidate matching and profile enrichment, simplifying the hiring process.
  • Customizable, user-friendly interface: Easily tailor the platform to your recruitment workflow for accessibility to all users.
  • Extensive job board integration: Maximize reach to potential candidates by posting jobs on 2,500+ free and premium channels.

What’s commendable:

  • Transparent pricing: Flexible plans with no hidden costs or binding contracts.
  • Exceptional support: 24/5 support via chat and video call for all your needs.
  • High-security standards: Compliant with SOC II Type 2, ensuring data security and privacy.

Room for improvement:

  • Language limitations: Currently supports only English and Spanish languages.


Offers a 14-day free trial and various plans, including Professional ($15/user/month), Enterprise ($35/user/month), and Custom (on-demand pricing), accommodating diverse business sizes and needs.


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Breezy isn’t just a comprehensive HR and recruiting solution; its AI-powered Candidate Match Score expedites the application review process, identifying the most suitable candidates for your open roles. This tool provides your hiring team with instant access to a prioritized and unbiased list of the best-fit applicants, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent sifting through irrelevant applications.

Explore the top three features and benefits:

  • Drag-and-drop pipeline: Easily visualize and manage the entire recruitment process, keeping track of candidates and making updates on-the-fly.
  • Automation and collaboration tools: Streamline hiring with automated tasks, scheduling, and team collaboration features.
  • Broad job board integration: Access 50+ free and premium job boards, expanding your reach to potential candidates.

What stands out:

  • Integration with existing tools: Seamlessly integrates with popular HR tools like Slack, Google Calendar, and more.
  • Candidate management: Comprehensive features, including candidate scoring and GDPR compliance.
  • Mobile app: Stay updated on your hiring process with the BreezyHR mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices.


  • Limited AI capabilities: Compared to some competitors, BreezyHR has fewer AI-driven features for candidate matching and profile enrichment.


  • Bootstrap (FREE!): All the basics for one position or pool.
  • Startup ($157/mo): Enhanced hiring tools to get off the ground.
  • Growth ($273/mo): Ideal for hiring with a growing team.
  • Business ($439/mo): Ultimate hiring control & flexibility.

All paid plans include unlimited users, candidates, and customer support. Annual pricing offers 2 months free! Suitable for companies from 10 to 10,000.


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JobAdder stands out as a potent and efficient AI recruiting software, streamlining the hiring process for recruiters, HR teams, and agencies. Its AI and skill matching features empower users to source top talent swiftly and accurately. With a user-friendly interface and a focus on automation, JobAdder allows users to concentrate on meaningful tasks while leaving repetitive work behind.

Discover the top three features and benefits:

  1. AI and skill matching: Quickly identify candidates that match your open roles with JobAdder’s AI recruiting tools.
  2. Automated workflows: Save time by automating repetitive tasks, allowing focus on high-value activities.
  3. Extensive job board integration: Post jobs on 200+ job boards natively, reaching qualified candidates across multiple platforms.

Highlighted features:

  • No lock-in contracts: Flexible terms without annual contracts.
  • Award-winning local support: Exceptional customer service for inquiries or issues.
  • Real-time metrics and insights: Customize data sets and KPIs for valuable insights into your hiring process.


  • Limited information on security standards: No specific details provided regarding security compliance and data protection measures.

JobAdder Pricing

Offers flexible pricing options tailored to different business needs. To receive a customized proposal, you can request pricing through their website, including a 30-minute discovery call, a follow-up demo focused on your business needs, and a tailored proposal based on your specific requirements.


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To ensure you hire the best AI and machine learning engineers, consider using Toptal. Toptal connects companies with the top 3% of global talent in design, development, project management, and finance. For those seeking AI and machine learning engineers, Toptal provides developers skilled in comprehensive development, machine learning, AI, and blockchain. Since its establishment in 2010, Toptal has served over 6,000 customers, including major names like AirBnB, Bridgestone, Walt Disney, HP Enterprise, JPMorgan Chase, and Zendesk. Toptal’s thorough screening process takes 0-3 weeks, and its global talent network consists of remote freelancers. After screening, Toptal selects talent based on your company’s needs, allowing you to interview and decide if they meet your requirements. Toptal also helps by asking discovery questions about your hiring needs, skill sets, preferences, urgency, and budget. Importantly, Toptal offers flexible hiring options on an hourly, part-time, or full-time contract basis.


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Another excellent option for recruiting AI talent is Turing, offering the AI-backed Intelligent Talent Cloud to source, vet, match, and manage remote software developers worldwide. Trusted by companies like Pepsi, Dell, and Coinbase, Turing uses global sourcing, intelligent vetting, extensive matching, HR/payments compliance, and on-the-job quality control. Turing simplifies remote hiring for companies and developers. The platform allows companies to hire pre-vetted, highly-qualified remote software talent with more than 100 skills in just 3-5 days. The Intelligent Talent Cloud, powered by AI, streamlines the process, managing over 1.5 million developers globally, saving companies time and resources as they build engineering teams swiftly.

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Upwork, a well-known name in remote work, is a versatile option. The platform has grown substantially, offering talent in various categories and industries, including technology, legal, software development, writing, mobile app development, and design. Upwork connects businesses with top-rated talent globally. Companies can sign up, create job proposals, and vet potential candidates before hiring. Freelancers can search for jobs and set up profiles matching their skills. Upwork provides security measures like time tracking and verified payment methods. The platform also has its own communication platform, facilitating easy connections between businesses and freelancers.


Textio is a smart writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to help recruiters improve their job descriptions, social posts, and emails. It provides guidance based on comprehensive data to create a positive experience for candidates. Textio identifies unconscious biases in real-time, helping recruiters see how their messages affect different people. It ensures inclusivity by including information in job descriptions about making the application process and workplace accessible to all, preventing discrimination based on ability.

The tool includes an age graph feature, showing recruiters how their writing appeals to different age groups and highlighting phrases that might offend potential candidates. Textio also offers language insights, alerting recruiters to harmful language in their job postings and emails. It not only points out harmful words but also provides resources to educate recruiters. On a larger scale, Textio helps HR measure the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts by analyzing language trends in public communications.


For prioritizing diversity in hiring, HiredScore is a valuable recruitment tool. It uses machine learning to eliminate unconscious biases and focuses on credentials and skills during recruitment. The AI optimizes job postings to attract diverse candidates and provides statistics on diversity and inclusion for monitoring and improvement. HiredScore emphasizes ethics and compliance with global non-discrimination standards through its proprietary AI.


Fuel50 offers a skills-based AI Recruiting Talent Marketplace to support workforce mobility and talent retention initiatives. Its ethical AI enables smart matching of employees to vacancies, learning opportunities, mentors, gigs, and projects, supporting career development. The platform provides HR with workforce data to enhance employer branding and identify talent gaps aligned with the organization’s overall business strategy.


Fetcher is a hiring automation platform that uses AI recruiting features to streamline talent acquisition. It aggregates candidate data from the web, including social media and professional profiles. The platform uses natural language processing to analyze job descriptions and resumes, predicting suitable candidates based on skills and experience. Fetcher employs predictive analytics to forecast candidate interest in specific job openings, allowing companies to focus on promising candidates. AI-powered automation sends personalized emails at scale, optimizing recruiting strategies through data analysis.

Leena AI

Leena AI recruiting tools covers the entire onboarding process, offering a range of features:

  • Candidate pre-boarding assigns a buddy to new hires, answering questions about company policies.
  • Automation of workflows and processes tracks and monitors every onboarding task.
  • Onboarding analytics provide insights into trends, progress, and the journey of new employees.
  • Routine duties, such as generating employee documents on demand and managing tickets, are handled by Leena AI, allowing HR to focus on more critical responsibilities.


Skillate stands out as an exceptional tool for AI recruiting solutions. This advanced decision-making engine significantly enhances the hiring process by providing AI-powered intelligent hiring services, people analytics, and improved candidate experiences. The tool’s unique capability to flag personal information about potential hires allows companies to make decisions without bias.

Key features of Skillate:

  • Deep learning for extracting information from resumes
  • AI-based assistant for crafting job descriptions
  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Insights and analytics backed by data


TurboHire is a smart recruitment platform driven by data, offering a structured approach and fostering collaboration. By integrating both human and machine intelligence, TurboHire delivers profound insights into potential candidates. The platform prioritizes security, encrypting communications between customers and the cloud.

Key features of TurboHire:

  • Resume parsing
  • Candidate ranking
  • Chatbot assessments
  • Automated job recommendations
  • Talent pipeline for open positions
  • Personalized interviews


Talenture is an AI-driven hiring platform utilizing insights from its AI and ML engine. It features a virtual recruitment expert that aids companies in continuous job monitoring and ranks candidates based on various parameters such as employability and availability. With a mobile application, Talenture sources candidates from social sites, job boards, career sites, and more.

Key features of Talenture:

  • Interview and workflow management
  • Job board posting
  • Interview scheduling
  • Candidate tracking
  • Resume search


Fetcher, an AI recruiting automation platform, seamlessly combines AI with human oversight to achieve an inclusive hiring process. An internal team continually monitors data to gather a diverse set of qualified candidates. The tool also provides in-depth insights and reports, empowering hiring teams to make fair decisions.

Key features of Fetcher:

  • AI-powered sourcing tools
  • Diverse talent pipelines
  • Automated scheduling
  • Custom job templates
  • Goal tracking


SeekOut, an advanced talent analytics company, offers deep talent analytics to reduce bias, diversify pipelines, and enhance candidate engagement. The platform provides personalized experiences tailored to each individual and aggregates data points from various sources.

Key features of SeekOut:

  • Talent 360 platform offering personalized experiences
  • User-friendly tools, including video interviews
  • Resume parsing
  • Executive-level insights for hiring managers
  • Actionable recruiting strategy
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