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14 Best AI Tools for Social Media Management Post (2024)

AI Tools For Social Media

Social media use is growing, which means more valuable data is available to companies of all sizes. Having social media strategies is crucial for any business aiming to succeed in the AI-driven future. Businesses without these strategies will fall behind.

With the rise of AI technology, social media provides insights that humans couldn’t achieve. Many AI tools are available for social media management, content creation, analysis, and advertisements. AI can handle time-consuming tasks, freeing up teams to focus on customer interaction, multimedia campaigns, or larger projects.

What qualities define the best AI social media management software?

The top social media management software aims to enhance consistency and productivity by tracking past and future posts, automating scheduling and publishing tasks, and offering insights into core performance and audience statistics. However, if you’re here, you’re likely seeking something more.

When you incorporate AI into the mix, things become easier and more intriguing. AI can assist in generating ideas, content, and images for your posts, analyze extensive datasets to understand your audience’s sentiments, and utilize machine learning to predict the future performance of posts before publication. This makes it more efficient to hit the mark with your social media efforts.

Here are the key features considered when selecting the best AI social media management software:

  1. AI Functionality: This includes features such as natural language processing (NLP) for sentiment analysis, generative AI for generating text and images, and predictive/assistive machine learning for various operations and analytics.
  2. Ease of Use and Support: The selected apps are user-friendly, with a mix of content and documentation to assist users in leveraging all the available features.
  3. Integration with Social Media Platforms: Apps that integrate with a variety of social media platforms are preferred, with exceptions made for unique and powerful features tailored to specific social channels.
  4. Automation and Time-Saving Features: The focus is on features that streamline scheduling, posting, and content creation at scale, saving users valuable time.
  5. Analytics and Reporting: The apps provide comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing users to track engagement stats across their social channels.

During the week-long testing period, I connected various social accounts, created and scheduled posts, and closely monitored reports and analytics. The evaluation considered how AI simplified the process of preparing a social media content strategy for posting.

Quick Review

ToolBest ForProsConsPrice
FeedHiveAI social media management, content recyclingDynamic content with variables, numerous AI featuresAI hashtags and performance prediction not on lowest planCreator plan: $19/month for 4 social accounts (AI included)
Vista SocialConnecting various social channelsBrowse reviews, chat from any channelAI features only on highest paid planFree plan available, Pro plan starts at $15/month for 5 profiles
AudienseSmart listening on TwitterPlenty of data available, separate reportsSomewhat basic on social management featuresFree plan, Twitter Marketing plan starts at $49/month
OcoyaCreating captions and hashtagsDirect integration with Canva, excellent supportVery limited AI features in lowest paid planBronze plan: $19/month for 5 social profiles, 100 AI credits
Predis.aiCreating posts, carousels, and videosCreates carousels and videos, offers competitor analysisApp may have some rough edgesFree plan with Predis watermark, Solo plan: $29/month
BufferScheduling post campaignsEasy tracking of post ideas, audience overviewIncreasing costs based on connected channelsFree plan, Essentials plan starts at $6/month per channel
PublerCreating post text and imagesText-to-image AI generation, searching for top topicsAnalytics could be betterFree plan for 3 accounts, Professional plan: $12/month
ContentStudioStaying on top of content topicsAutomation features, content analyticsInterface is a bit confusingStarter plan: $25/month for 5 social accounts, 10,000 AI words
TaplioGrowing a personal brand on LinkedInSeamless LinkedIn integration, GPT-4 for DMs and postsAI features not on lowest paid planStarter plan: $39/month for content inspiration, advanced scheduling
HootsuiteAI post prompt varietyDeep library of editable post templates, robust reportingExpensiveCustom pricing, comprehensive features offered
FlickTransforming content ideas into multiple postsAbundance of help and support content, easy-to-useAI generation may occasionally experience breaks7-day trial, Solo plan: £14/month for 4 social profiles
CircleboomAI Social Media Post GeneratorVersatile AI features, simplifies content creationAI hashtags and performance prediction not on lowest planCreator plan: $19/month for 4 social accounts (AI included)

Note: Prices mentioned are approximate and may vary based on specific plans and features.

Top 14 AI tools for social media:

FeedHive (Web)

ai tools for social media
  • Best for AI social media management, content recycling, and conditional posting.
  • Pros: Dynamic content with variables, numerous AI features.
  • Cons: AI hashtags and performance prediction not available on the lowest paid plan.

FeedHive is an excellent tool with AI-powered features such as an AI Writing Assistant, performance predictions, content recycling, and conditional posting. It helps in organizing content schedules with post categories.

Price: Creator plan starts at $19/month for 4 social accounts with AI Writing Assistant included. AI hashtag suggestions and performance prediction available on higher paid plans.

Vista Social (Web, iOS, Android)

image 162
  • Best for connecting various social channels.
  • Pros: Browse reviews on the platform, chat with everyone from any channel.
  • Cons: AI features only on the highest paid plan.

Vista Social acts as a hub for multiple social channels, offering post scheduling, audience interaction, review tracking, and TikTok/Instagram feed planners. AI features help adjust content length and depth for different channels.

Price: Free plan available for up to 15 posts/month/profile for 1 user. Lowest paid plan, Pro, starts at $15/month for 5 profiles and 3 users.

Vista Social is the best AI social media management app for turning content ideas into multiple posts, providing a complete feature set for handling various platforms.

Audiense (Web)

image 163

Audiense is our favorite AI social media tool for smart listening on Twitter.
Audiense’s good points include:

  • Plenty of data available
  • Ability to generate separate reports with different settings

Audiense’s drawbacks are:

  • Somewhat basic on social management features

Audiense focuses deeply on Twitter and doesn’t connect with other social media platforms. It’s an AI/ML big data app that analyzes vast amounts of Twitter data to provide insights.

Despite the initial impression, Audiense’s reports delve into almost everything. When you link your Twitter account, you can analyze your followers or select a target audience. The report takes time to generate due to the algorithm processing a substantial amount of data. The results, however, are impressive, covering demographics, socioeconomics, top influencers, interests, Big 5 personality traits, media affinity, and more.

The Insights section offers this detailed information, while the Connect section functions like a traditional social media management app to maintain your Twitter account. Audiense recently acquired SOPRISM, hinting at future Facebook and Instagram audience integration.

Audiense pricing includes a free plan with basic Connect features and 3 reports on Insights. The Twitter Marketing plan starts at $49/month, unlocking all features of Audiense Connect.

Ocoya (Web)

image 164

Ocoya is our choice for the best AI social media management software for creating captions and hashtags.
Ocoya’s strengths include:

  • Direct integration with Canva
  • Excellent support

Ocoya’s downsides are:

  • Very limited AI features in the lowest paid plan

Ocoya is a user-friendly social media scheduling app with a powerful AI copywriter. It streamlines post scheduling without the need for extensive creativity.

Clicking the AI Copywriter button on the dashboard allows you to choose from 56 templates for various needs, from ad copy to generating questions. After entering your prompt and clicking generate, you’ll receive results along with a burst of confetti. You can create, edit, and enhance posts with social media previews, images, emojis, and AI-generated hashtags, making posting quick and easy.

Apart from social media integrations, Ocoya connects with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, saving time for online shop owners.

Ocoya’s pricing starts at $19/month for the Bronze plan, offering 5 social profiles and 100 AI credits.

Predis.ai (Web)

image 165

Predis AI is our recommendation for the best AI social media management software for creating posts, carousels, and videos.
Predis.ai’s advantages include:

  • Creates carousels and videos
  • Offers competitor analysis

Predis.ai’s drawbacks are:

  • The app may have some rough edges

Predis.ai is a go-to solution when you need to generate 30 posts quickly. It assists with copy, images, and video using as little as a four-word prompt.

Upon onboarding, you’ll find generated posts ready for selection, including classic posts and Instagram carousels. The visual editor allows quick adjustments to the carousel’s layout and color scheme.

While there’s no direct video generation, Predis.ai utilizes your prompt to search a stock video library and creates a video post with text, images, and animations. Though some AI-generated suggestions may be off-mark, the robust visual editor allows easy editing of all post elements.

Once posts are finalized, scheduling them on your content calendar is straightforward. Predis.ai handles the posting process, and the analytics page provides core stats and information about your accounts. The Competitive analysis screen breaks down engagement stats, content distribution patterns, and post types, offering insights from competitors.

Predis.ai’s pricing includes a free plan with 15 AI-generated posts featuring the Predis watermark. The Solo plan is priced at $29/month, providing 120 AI-generated posts and 60 competitor analysis runs per month.

Buffer (Web, iOS, Android)

image 166

Buffer is our choice for the top AI social media management application for scheduling post campaigns.
Buffer’s advantages include:

  • Easy tracking of post ideas
  • Audience overview providing insights into gender, age, cities, and countries

Buffer’s drawbacks are:

  • Increasing costs based on the number of connected channels

When an account consistently shares similar posts each week, it may seem lacking in depth or appear spammy. This is a common pitfall of excessive content repurposing. Buffer helps you manage multichannel campaigns, striking the right balance between recurring and fresh content.

Multichannel campaigns function like traditional drip email marketing campaigns. They allow you to organize content topics, promotions, or seasonal posts throughout the year, creating content arcs for specific topics or objectives. This approach enhances the value of your feed, presenting a mix of new content and past insights. It ensures that your new followers see your best content without scrolling to the bottom of your profile feed.

Buffer offers a workflow to track content ideas, creating multiple posts for all social channels from each idea. The Create tab allows you to jot down ideas quickly. During the content calendar creation, you can choose the best ideas, refine them with the AI text generator, and prepare them for posting across channels.

Integration with major platforms and lesser-known ones, such as Google My Business and Mastodon, allows orchestrating multichannel campaigns. Connecting Buffer to Zapier facilitates data movement and triggers automations.

Buffer’s pricing includes a free plan for up to 3 channels, 10 posts per channel, and 50 AI credits. The Essentials plan starts at $6/month per channel, with increased limits of 2,000 posts and 150 credits per month.

Publer (Web, iOS, Android)

Publer is our choice for the best AI social media management app for creating post text and images.
Publer’s strengths include:

  • Offers text-to-image AI generation
  • Allows searching for top topics by country or category

Publer’s drawbacks are:

  • Analytics could be better

In a world where free time is a rare luxury, Publer emerges as a superhero for social media management productivity. The app features a balanced platform with a user-friendly interface, encompassing core post scheduling and content management tools. Publer stands out by facilitating faster content creation and providing insights into what others are creating.

The AI content generation features handle text efficiently, including emojis. The process is simple: input a detailed content prompt, request hashtags, click generate, and await the results. With Publer’s integration of GPT-4, the results are expected to be even better, taking no more than 20 seconds.

Additionally, Publer offers an image generation engine on the platform. Users can generate various images, such as heartwarming golden retriever pictures in an oil painting style, and easily add them to a post.

Once armed with compelling content or irresistible golden retriever pictures, users can explore top headlines categorized by country or topic in the Content section. Publer connects to major social media platforms and some medium-sized ones like Telegram, Pinterest, and WordPress, expanding its utility.

Publer’s pricing includes a free plan for 3 accounts and 10 scheduled posts, while the Professional plan, at $12 per month, removes most limitations.

ContentStudio (Web, iOS, Android)
ContentStudio is our recommendation for the best AI social media management software for staying on top of your content topics.
ContentStudio’s advantages include:

  • Automation features available
  • Content analytics, providing reach and engagement for followed topics

ContentStudio’s drawbacks are:

  • Interface is a bit confusing

Managing a business is a full-day task, and staying updated on various topics can be challenging. ContentStudio comes to the rescue, offering a Discover button with a Content Feed feature. Users can add and track topics, view Cover Stories and Trending News, and access metrics for each content piece.

The content feed displays engagement metrics, sentiment analysis, and allows easy sharing to your feeds. ContentStudio not only tracks news and content but also helps monitor popular influencers on Twitter and Instagram.

To streamline tasks, ContentStudio provides automation recipes for bulk scheduling posts from a CSV file or recycling evergreen content at intervals. The platform connects to major social media platforms and Tumblr and integrates with Zapier for additional automation possibilities.

Examples of Zapier integrations:

  • Publish new posts from ContentStudio to Instagram
  • Get Slack notifications when new posts from ContentStudio are posted to Instagram

ContentStudio’s pricing for the Starter plan starts at $25/month, offering 5 social accounts, up to 10,000 AI-generated words, and 10 AI-generated images per month.

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Taplio (Web)

Taplio is our top choice for the best AI social media management software for growing a personal brand on LinkedIn.
Taplio’s strengths include:

  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn
  • GPT-4 available for writing DMs and posts

Taplio’s drawback is:

  • AI features not available on the lowest paid plan

LinkedIn is evolving into a platform where personal branding opens doors to career opportunities. Taplio seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn, offering features to write new posts, search for popular posts, and start conversations from the dashboard.

Taplio’s AI plays a significant role in content creation. Users can generate posts based on popular formulas and adjust them to their preferences. The platform also helps in engaging with other LinkedIn members efficiently, creating lists of people to follow, and simplifying direct messages (DMs).

Integrating Taplio with Zapier enhances LinkedIn routines with additional automation possibilities, such as publishing new Taplio posts and sending Slack private channel messages instantly.

Taplio’s pricing starts at $39/month for the Starter plan, offering content inspiration, advanced scheduling, and personal analytics.

Hootsuite (Web)

Hootsuite earns our recommendation as the best AI social media management software for AI post prompt variety.
Hootsuite’s advantages include:

  • Deep library of editable post templates
  • Robust reporting tab

Hootsuite’s drawback is:

  • Expensive

A renowned name in social media management, Hootsuite introduces OwlyWriter, its resident AI tool. Hootsuite stands out for prompt variety, offering common copywriting formula starting points like AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) or PAS (Problem, Agitation, Solution).

Hootsuite’s AI features, riding on a comprehensive social media management tool, provide a bird’s-eye view of multiple social media feeds. The Analytics page enables the creation of detailed reports, including comparisons with other pages.

The platform includes an idea catalog with templates for various purposes, helping users convert, educate, inspire, and entertain followers. The AI features, although seemingly simple, gain strength from being integrated into a complete social media management tool.

Hootsuite’s pricing, while on the higher side, reflects the comprehensive features it offers.

Flick (Web, Android, iOS)

Flick is our top pick for the best AI social media management tool for transforming content ideas into multiple posts.
Flick’s advantages include:

  • Abundance of help and support content
  • Straightforward and easy-to-use interface

Flick’s drawbacks are:

  • AI generation may take a while and occasionally experience breaks

Moving beyond the one idea equals one post mindset, Flick emphasizes repurposing core, high-performing ideas over time for consistency and follower engagement. Flick’s Content Lab serves as a hub for finding, storing, and developing ideas for social media channels.

The Content Lab’s workflow involves brainstorming ideas, generating post suggestions, and refining them for various channels. Flick’s AI-powered features include post idea generation, content assistance, and repurposing tools such as rewrite and improve, length and tone adjustment, and a hashtag generator.

Flick supports repurposing blog posts, YouTube videos, or past social media posts. The AI can also generate a post from a simple topic, addressing the challenge of not knowing what to post.

Flick’s pricing includes a 7-day trial, and the Solo plan costs £14 per month (GBP), offering 4 social profiles and 30 scheduled posts per month.


Circleboom Publish makes managing your social media easy, all in one place. It works with OpenAI and includes a versatile AI Social Media Post Generator. This tool makes creating content a breeze, providing AI-made images and text that you can share effortlessly on different social media platforms and accounts.

With Circleboom Publish, your social media posts get a boost with automatically generated captions, emojis, and hashtags, making them more interesting. The AI features also cover translations, humor, and grammar checks, ensuring your posts are both attractive and accurate. Plus, you can plan ahead by scheduling your AI-created posts.

The Circleboom Social Media Management Tool is built for effective planning, designing, and scheduling of posts. It lets you manage multiple social media accounts seamlessly from one central spot.

Perfect for businesses, influencers, digital marketers, content creators, and regular social media users, Circleboom Publish is a complete solution for creating and refining social media content. It allows you to create and design images, texts, and captions, and boost your posts with trending and relevant hashtags for maximum impact.

Here are some key features of Circleboom:

  • Use AI to create social media posts and tags
  • Schedule social media posts with flexibility
  • Easy to use

Content Studio

Content Studio is a straightforward yet powerful social media tool designed for agencies, brands, and marketers. It allows you to instantly come up with Instagram captions, Tweet ideas, inspirational quotes, and rewrite content, ensuring you never run out of creative concepts.

Save time and beat writer’s block by using AI-generated captions and images for your social media posts. Utilize ready-made templates to craft high-quality content for Tweets, Instagram captions, and more.

Boost the visibility of your posts by letting the AI suggest relevant and trending hashtags for your content. Additionally, the emoji feature can add a visual touch to your posts by analyzing the tone of the text and adding suitable emojis.

A highly useful feature is the ability to create stunning images for your social media posts instantly by providing textual descriptions to the AI bot.

Read our Content Studio Review or visit Content Studio.


Getting started with Lately
For those seeking to incorporate AI into their social media strategy, Lately is a top choice. This AI tool helps you understand the context from a vast collection of content, enabling you to create social media posts that promote it.

Lately provides a dashboard of social media tools for tasks like scheduling and social media project management. Along with this, you can use Lately to analyze metrics on social pages, helping you identify the best times to post for a broader and more engaged audience.

Here are some key features of Lately:

  • Dashboard of AI social media tools
  • Generate multiple tweets related to URL, documents, or information at once
  • Schedule social media posts
  • Analyze metrics across channels


Socialbakers, another leading AI tool for social media, is an AI-driven platform that offers advanced audience insights, influencer marketing discovery, and an impressive tracking dashboard and content feed. The unified content feed allows you to see all posts across your platforms. You can also access an analytics dashboard and smart scheduling tools that suggest the best times to post.

Here are some main features of Socialbakers:

  • Influencer dashboard tool
  • Advanced audience insights
  • Smart scheduling and optimal post times
  • Multi-channel management
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