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18 Best AI Tools for Students in 2024 (Latest)

AI for students

In the age of the internet, where everything is available at our fingertips, AI tools have made our lives much simpler. While AI is often associated with businesses and conglomerates, it has also revolutionized the way students learn. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 best AI tools for students that are making a difference in the way they learn, study, and grow.

From Geleza and Ivy Chatbot to Mathly and Unschooler, there are a plethora of AI tools available to help students with everything from project management and exam preparation to language learning and content creation. In this article, we will dive deep into the world of AI tools for students and explore the benefits they offer to teachers, developers, businesses, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • AI tools have made learning and studying much simpler for students.
  • There are a variety of AI tools available to help students with everything from project management to exam preparation.
  • These AI tools offer benefits not only to students but also to teachers, developers, and businesses.

Understanding AI and Its Benefits

ai tools for student

AI, or artificial intelligence, is like a helpful friend for computers. It is not a robot taking over, but rather a digital buddy here to assist. AI is designed to make life easier and more efficient, like a clever assistant that learns and understands things. It is a technology that can be used to improve education, learning, productivity, and more.

One of the most significant benefits of AI is that it saves time. It is like a wizard that speeds up tasks, giving us more time for the things we love. Additionally, AI can offer smart suggestions, acting as a personal recommender for movies, songs, or even the perfect study playlist.

AI can also boost efficiency in education. Teachers can use AI as a virtual assistant, making grading homework quicker and leaving more time for engaging lessons. AI can also provide personalized learning plans, timely feedback, and data-driven insights to prioritize student performance and academic success.

AI can also improve healthcare by processing tons of data, making it easier to find effective treatments and improving overall health support. Furthermore, AI can be used to help people with disabilities by providing natural language processing technology and innovative education technology that promotes inclusivity and interactive learning.

In conclusion, AI is an innovative technology that can offer many benefits in the digital age. It is not a replacement for humans but rather a tool that can assist us in various aspects of our lives.

Top 18 Best AI Tools for Students

We have compiled a list of the top 15 AI tools for students that offer a wide range of features, from writing assistants to note-taking applications, to help students boost their productivity and achieve academic success.

Open AI Playground

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OpenAI Playground is a widely used tool that offers a text-davinci-03 module, which is a game-changer for crafting plagiarism-free content, including research papers. It can also help students frame and create a structure for their blogs and essays, which can be used to ace their assignments. OpenAI Playground is a must-have for academic and professional excellence.


ChatGPT is a chatbot that offers sophistication and is entirely free. It is ideal for obtaining quick answers and tailored communication, making it a powerhouse for learning efficiently. With a vast resource pool, it saves time and enhances productivity. ChatGPT is a standout choice as the best writing assistant.


Gradescope uses detailed rubrics so that students know exactly how they are being graded. This reduces any unclear or unfair grading. Teachers can grade similar answers all at once, making sure that students get the same feedback, especially in big classes.

Gradescope is fast, and this helps teachers grade assignments quickly. This means students get feedback sooner. The platform adds comments directly on assignments, so students can see where they did well and where they can improve. This makes it easier for them to understand and grow.

Gradescope is changing how academic assessments are done. For students, it’s not just about getting grades; it’s also about understanding their progress and figuring out where they can get better. Thanks to Gradescope’s mix of artificial intelligence and a design that focuses on users, the way we look at academic assessments is transforming.


QuillBot is an AI-powered writing assistant that empowers students to create captivating and remarkable writing pieces. It offers paraphrasing capabilities and the ability to summarize long-form content, identify and resolve plagiarism issues, provide grammar checks, and offer language translation. Furthermore, QuillBot can collaborate with you in co-writing, making it one of the top AI applications.


Fotor AI unleashes creativity in art and design. With limitless possibilities guided by your imagination, it transforms text prompts into stunning, AI-generated artwork. It is ideal for aspiring designers and artists and is a valuable resource for those delving into the world of Computer Science.

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Adobe Express & Firefly

Adobe Express and the beta-stage Firefly offer a range of templates. Firefly’s text-to-image AI elevates art creation with just a prompt, making it a must for aspiring designers. With both free and premium features, Adobe’s tools are among the best for students pursuing design.


image 15

Grammarly is a text correction, paraphrasing, grammar correction, and plagiarism-checking AI for students. It helps in whacking out grammatical mistakes and helps to provide a better sentence structure. Grammarly has developed its advanced artificial intelligence, which it uses to understand text in a contextual format and help its users write accordingly.


Otter AI provides real-time transcription and note-taking for meetings. It assists journalists in transcribing interviews and recording notes for efficient reporting. It helps students transcribe and summarize lectures, making reviewing and studying course material easier.


QuizGecko is the ultimate AI-powered quiz platform for students. It offers various quizzes covering various subjects, making learning enjoyable and effective for all ages.

Stepwise math

Stepwise Math is an AI tools for students that helps students grappling with math. Its intelligent system identifies areas of struggle and guides students step by step through problem-solving. With assignments and worksheets aligned to their learning curve, this powerful tool targets weaknesses, making it a top choice among the best AI tools for students.

Google Bard

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Google Bard is a personal AI assistant for efficient learning and time management. It helps students with their assignments and exams by providing instant feedback, answering questions, and offering suggestions.


Slidesgo is one of the best AI tools for students platform that offers a wide range of features, from creating presentations to organizing notes. It is ideal for students who want to improve their grades and enhance their learning experience.

Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI is an AI-powered plagiarism checker that helps students avoid plagiarism in their assignments and exams. It is a valuable tool for students who want to maintain academic integrity and achieve academic success.


In the age of digital learning, students always look for tools to make their learning easier and get more done. That’s where Audiopen.ai comes in—it’s a super cool AI solution that turns your spoken notes into polished text that’s ready to be shared. Whether you’re a student working on a research paper, thinking about a tough essay, or just brainstorming ideas, Audiopen.ai is here to make creating content way better.

With Audiopen.ai, you can write papers, memos, and emails way faster than usual, making you more productive. The tool helps you go from unclear thoughts to clear, ready-to-share text without any hassle.


Notion is an AI-powered note-taking application that helps students organize their notes and assignments. It offers a wide range of features, from creating to-do lists to setting reminders.

Smart Sparrow

Smart Sparrow combines the smarts of AI with stylish design. It’s super easy to create visually cool and interactive course materials because it has editable templates and lots of components to choose from.

You can work together with others on making course materials using detailed user permissions. This includes your friends, colleagues, and even people from outside.

You can use Smart Sparrow with your favorite Learning Management System or just use the Smart Sparrow platform itself. It’s flexible at every stage. Also, keeping tabs on grades becomes a breeze with gradebook sync.


Duolingo is an AI-powered language learning application that helps students improve their language skills. It offers a wide range of features, from flashcards to textbooks, to help students learn at their own pace.


Edmentum is an AI-powered learning platform that offers a wide range of features, from search engines to math and science resources, to help students improve their fluency and achieve academic success. It is ideal for students who want to enhance their learning experience and achieve their academic goals.

In conclusion, AI tools for students are nothing but merely tools to increase productivity in the daily lives of humans. These tools offer a wide range of features, from writing assistants to note-taking applications, to help students boost their productivity and achieve academic success.vn

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