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Top 13 AI Cover Letter Generators for 2024 (+Key Features)

AI Cover Letter

Are you in the midst of a job search, looking for new job opportunities, and wondering how to make yourself and your profile stand out?

Aside from your skills, resumes, and cover letters play a big role in getting a call back from the hiring team. They act as the first impression and open the door to getting you closer to securing your dream job.

Statistics show that 49% of hiring managers believe a strong cover letter convinces them to interview an otherwise weak applicant, and 33% think that a good cover letter can elevate a weak applicant or impact a strong one if they submit a bad cover letter.

So, with the pressure of getting hired, how can you create a strong cover letter to help you land that interview?

This is where AI cover letter generators come in to relieve stress and provide cover letters that match the recruiter’s expectations.

In this article, we’ll learn more about AI cover letters and explore some of the best AI cover letter tools you can use to kickstart your career.

What is an AI Cover Letter Generator?

An AI cover letter generator uses Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms to create personalized, customized, and compelling cover letters automatically, making the job seeker’s task easier.

When you input your details into the tool, such as relevant skills, experience, job title, organization’s name, and qualifications, AI cover letter generators generate cover letters tailored to the specific job application you wish to apply for.

This process significantly reduces the time needed to write impressive cover letters, especially when applying for multiple job roles.

Thus, AI cover letter generators are highly time-efficient and powerful tools that automate the process of creating professional and personalized cover letters.

If this sounds appealing, here is a list of the top AI cover letter generators to choose from in the pool of available options.

Quick Review

AI Cover Letter GeneratorsKey Features
CoverDoc.AI– Speeds up the process of creating personalized cover letters by 10 times. – Generates cover letters with clear and concise writing, minimizing grammatical mistakes. – Considers insights into the company to enhance cover letter quality. – Simplifies the process: Enter basic job details, and the tool generates a cover letter sent to your email inbox. – Saves time by automatically capturing company insights.
ResumAI– Offers 350+ real-life free and premium resume templates. – Personalizes resumes and cover letters based on existing resume and personal/job-related details. – Swiftly generates multiple cover letter versions with a single click. – Emphasizes key points aligning with the desired job position. – User-friendly cover letter generator for easy customization.
Cover Letter Simple.ai– Searches a database of 188 billion data points for relevant information about a specific job title. – Generates distinctive and job-specific cover letters based on job title and description. – Doesn’t consider resume, skills, or past experience for personalization.
Kickresume– Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model for natural, human-like cover letters. – Generates a first draft with one click, overcoming writer’s block. – Offers 35+ customizable and ATS-friendly cover letter templates. – Assists in resume generation, website building, and proofreading.
Cover Letter AI– Ultimate tool for creating professional and personalized cover letters. – Maintains utmost data privacy, not storing any provided information on its servers. – Requires CV upload or text entry, along with job details and writing style preferences. – Allows generation of multiple cover letter versions with iterative refinement.
Rezi– Professional and powerful tool with a 62% success rate and 255 ready-made cover letter samples. – Recommends generating a targeted resume first for easier reference in cover letter creation. – Emphasizes company details and specific highlights for tailored cover letters. – Generates cover letters with a single click after entering necessary details. – Ideal for users seeking cover letter templates.
Postlander– Uses ChatGPT technology for personalized cover letters in seconds. – Generates 100% specific cover letters based on job post and resume skills. – Claims a 94% human-generated content score for super-personalized results. – Covers various job positions, including full-time, part-time, and freelance work. – Offers additional job application tools like ATS, Resume Optimization, and Interview Practice.
CoverPro AI– Chrome extension that analyzes resume and job listing for a tailored cover letter. – Generates professional and job-specific cover letters quickly. – Simplifies the process: Upload resume, visit job listing, and click the Chrome extension button. – Allows copying to clipboard or downloading as a PDF. – Saves time and effort in manual cover letter creation for online job postings.
Cover Letter Copilot– Free AI cover letter generator for personalized cover letters. – Upload resume or paste job description from LinkedIn for customization. – Offers copy or download options in PDF or Word format. – Includes a built-in text editor for additional customization. – Developed by a team with experience at major companies like Amazon and Facebook. – Claims to be 5 times faster than ChatGPT.
YourCoverLetter– Free AI cover letter generator for quick and easy cover letter creation. – Upload resume in PDF format and provide basic job details. – Analyzes resume using AI for key insights. – Allows additional context about experience, skills, and passion. – Generates personalized cover letters based on job details. – Provides options to edit the final cover letter result or export it as a PDF.
Careered– Free tool for creating cover letters in seconds. – Requires providing resume and pasting the entire job listing. – Generates cover letters with no advanced features like tone consideration or templates. – Quick and easy solution for cover letter creation.
MyPerfectResume– Uses complex algorithms to generate ready-to-use content suggestions by career advice experts. – Tailors cover letters based on specified job titles. – Provides real-life cover letter examples as starting points. – Offers a variety of templates, formats, and designs. – Includes built-in spelling and grammar check for error prevention. – Incorporates expert insights and writing tips throughout the cover letter creation process.
LazyApply– GPT-3 powered AI cover letter generator for instant, job-specific cover letters. – Requires answers to simple questions for cover letter customization. – Provides options to choose from 20+ tones for a personalized touch. – Extracts keywords and phrases from job title and company input. – Allows an unlimited number of downloads for submitting personalized cover letters to multiple jobs.

13 Best AI Cover Letter Generators You Should Try


image 129

CoverDoc.AI is an AI-powered video generator that speeds up the process of creating personalized cover letters by 10 times. It generates cover letters in clear and concise writing with fewer grammatical mistakes, taking into consideration insights into the company. This allows job seekers to spend more time preparing for interviews or honing their skills, and stress less about writing a compelling cover letter.

To generate cover letters through this tool:

  • Enter basic job details, like the company name, job title, and description, along with your preferred writing style and a link to your LinkedIn profile.
  • CoverDoc.AI will generate a personalized cover letter and send it directly to your email inbox.
  • Edit the cover letter draft as per your unique requirements.

With minimal effort, you will have your cover letter prepared in no time. Moreover, this tool saves you time researching company insights, as it automatically captures this data.


image 131

ResumAI is an easy-to-use AI cover letter generator that provides more than 350 real-life free and premium resume templates. These templates allow you to personalize your resumes and cover letters according to your preferences.

To get started, you need to submit your existing resume and fill in your personal and job-related details. This helps the tool emphasize your essential skills, qualifications, and experiences that align with the specific job you’re applying for.

Once you’ve entered these details, including your work history and education, ResumAI swiftly generates multiple versions of your cover letter with a single click. The tool highlights key points that best match the desired job position.

ResumAI is a sleek and user-friendly cover letter generator, making the creation of custom cover letters a breeze.

Cover Letter Simple.ai

Cover Letter Simple.ai is a unique AI cover letter tool that effortlessly generates distinctive and job-specific cover letters.

Unlike other tools on the list, this AI cover letter tool searches a vast database of around 188 billion data points to extract relevant information for a specific job title. This includes expected skills and accomplishments highly valued by a particular company.

Upon entering your job title and job description, the tool produces impressive cover letters that help your application stand out. However, it’s important to note that, unlike many other AI cover letter generators, this tool doesn’t consider your resume, skills, or past experience to generate personalized cover letters.


image 132

Kickresume, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to create natural and human-like cover letters.

If you find writing challenging or are experiencing writer’s block, Kickresume is ideal for generating a first draft of your cover letter with just one click. Simply provide the job title you’re applying for and click on ‘Use AI Writer’ to generate a unique cover letter.

Moreover, Kickresume offers 35+ customizable and ATS-friendly cover letter templates designed by a professional team of experts. In addition to cover letters, Kickresume assists in generating resumes, building websites, checking and comparing resumes against a successful resumes database, and proofreading resumes or cover letters to eliminate grammatical errors.

You can also use this tool on your Android and iOS mobile devices to generate cover letters on the go.

Cover Letter AI

Cover Letter AI stands out as the ultimate tool for creating professional and personalized cover letters in any language of your choice.

To use this tool, you need to upload your CV and convert it into text or enter your CV text. Additionally, provide initial information such as writing style, job description, company name, and skills to focus on.

Once you’ve provided this information, you can generate multiple versions of your cover letter and iterate until you’re satisfied with the final result.

An exceptional feature of Cover Letter AI is its commitment to data privacy. The tool ensures the utmost privacy and does not store any information you provide on its servers, including your or the company’s names.


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Rezi is a professional and powerful AI cover letter tool with over 315,000 users and a 62% success rate. It provides a repository of 255 ready-made cover letter samples, enabling job seekers to start the process of creating cover letters.

Here’s how Rezi works to generate tailored and customized cover letters:

  • Generate a resume targeted for your job description, making it easier for the tool to reference your resume experiences when generating cover letters.
  • Enter company details and specific highlights, like skills and position highlights.
  • Click on ‘AI Writer Ready,’ and Rezi will generate a tailored cover letter in seconds.

Rezi is an excellent tool if you’re looking for a cover letter generator offering templates to design cover letters that match the recruiter’s requirements.

In conclusion, these AI cover letter generators can be valuable tools in your job search, saving time and helping you create impressive cover letters that increase your chances of landing that interview.


image 134

Postlander is an AI cover letter generator that uses ChatGPT technology to create personalized cover letters in seconds.

To get your personalized cover letter, you can enter the job description, upload your resume, or link your LinkedIn profile to Postlander. The tool then automatically generates cover letters that are 100% specific to your job post and your resume skills.

Postlander claims to have a 94% human-generated content score on AI detector tools, ensuring super-personalized, custom, and unique cover letters for you. These AI-generated cover letters can be used for various job positions, including full-time jobs, side hustles, part-time work, internships, and freelance opportunities.

In addition to the AI Cover Letter Generator, Postlander provides other essential job application tools such as Application Tracking Systems (ATS), Resume Optimization, and Interview Practice, making it a comprehensive solution for efficient job application preparation.

CoverPro AI

CoverPro AI is a Chrome browser extension designed to make the process of creating a cover letter for online job postings quick and easy. It analyzes your resume and the job listing to generate a professional, tailored, and job-specific cover letter. Here’s how to use this Chrome extension:

  • Upload your resume to the tool.
  • Visit the desired job listing online or on any job platform.
  • Click the button on the Chrome extension.
  • It will generate a customized cover letter that you can either copy to the clipboard or download as a PDF.

CoverPro AI is a helpful free tool that utilizes AI, saving you from the manual effort of writing and brainstorming to create a cover letter. This allows you to invest that time in preparing for the actual job interview.

Cover Letter Copilot

Cover Letter Copilot is a free AI cover letter generator that assists in creating personalized cover letters. You can use it by uploading your resume or pasting the job description from LinkedIn. The generated cover letter can be copied or downloaded as a PDF or Word document for your convenience. The tool also includes a built-in text editor for additional customization.

Developed by a team with experience at major companies like Amazon and Facebook, Cover Letter Copilot boasts AI algorithms and prompts to generate relevant and human-like responses. The tool claims to be 5 times faster than ChatGPT, providing customized cover letters in just 60 seconds.


YourCoverLetter is another reliable AI cover letter generator that offers a quick and easy solution to generate cover letters in seconds.

This tool is entirely free and can help you get noticed by top global companies like Google, Amazon, PnG, and Uber. Here’s how you can generate personalized and professional cover letters using YourCoverLetter:

  • Upload your resume in PDF format and provide basic job details.
  • The YourCoverLetter AI generator analyzes your resume using AI to extract key insights and information. You can also add additional context about your experience, such as your top skills, passion, and employment history.
  • Provide job details, including the job description, the organization’s name, and more. You can even include the company’s logo by providing the correct link, making your cover letter more appealing and unique.
  • After entering all this information, the tool generates personalized cover letters, highlighting your strengths and skills that make you a better-suited candidate for the job.
  • You can edit the final cover letter result or export it as a PDF.


Careered allows you to create a cover letter in seconds, and it’s completely free.

To use Careered, you only need to provide two things: your resume and the job listing. Simply paste the entire job listing and a copy of your resume, and Careered will generate a cover letter for you.

While Careered is free to use, it is not as advanced as other AI cover letter generators. It doesn’t consider tone of voice or offer templates, resulting in cover letters that are less personalized compared to other tools.


MyPerfectResume’s cover letter generator employs sophisticated algorithms to provide ready-made content suggestions crafted by career advice experts.

You can specify the job you’re seeking, and the generator will produce content ideas backed by research, customized to your desired job title.

Key Features:

  • Professionally crafted content suggestions assist in tailoring your cover letter for the specific role you’re applying for.
  • Real-life cover letter examples serve as an excellent starting point, aiding you in overcoming writer’s block.
  • A variety of templates, formats, and designs are available, allowing you to seamlessly match your cover letter with your resume for a cohesive appearance.
  • The built-in spelling and grammar check swiftly examines your cover letter for any errors you might have overlooked.
  • Expert insights and writing tips are integrated at every step to guide you in creating the ideal cover letter.


LazyApply is an AI cover letter generator powered by GPT-3, capable of swiftly producing a customized cover letter based on the specific job title and company you’re applying to.

Simply respond to a few straightforward questions, and LazyApply will promptly generate a cover letter that you can adjust as necessary to align with your professional background.

Key Features:

  • Choose from over 20 tones, such as convincing, thoughtful, or formal, to meet your specific preferences.
  • Input the job title and company you’re applying to, enabling the extraction of keywords and phrases for inclusion in the cover letter.
  • Benefit from an unlimited number of downloads, allowing you to submit personalized cover letters for all the jobs you are applying to.

Wrapped Up

In conclusion, professional cover letters remain crucial in 2023 as they offer a competitive advantage in job applications. If you’re in the job market or aiming for a dream company, AI cover letter generators like CoverPro AI and Cover Letter Copilot can streamline the process, helping you create personalized and unique cover letters to increase your chances of securing the desired job.

Explore the features of these AI cover letter tools and choose one that is user-friendly, secure, advanced, and reliable to meet your specific requirements. Best of luck in your job search!

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