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15 Best AI Resume Builders (Updated in 2024)

AI Resume Builder

Crafting a professional-looking resume can be a daunting task, especially for those with limited experience. It requires time, effort, and a good understanding of what employers seek in a candidate. Thankfully, AI-powered resume builders offer a solution, enabling job seekers to create impressive resumes effortlessly.

We compared 15 leading AI resume builders, analyzing their features, pricing, pros, and cons to help you choose the right tool. Here’s a summary:

AI Resume BuilderOverviewProsCons
Resume.ioUser-friendly AI-powered resume builder with templates for various industries.– Very user-friendly interface
– High number of templates available
– Great AI writer
– Flexible personalization
– Can create tailored resumes
– No free plan
– Fonts cannot be changed
Zety AI Resume BuilderPopular online builder with AI assistance, simple templates, and user-friendly interface.– Lots of features
– Good user interface
– Easily customizable AI-generated content
– Preview resume at any stage
– Spelling & grammar checker
– Limited free version
– Payment for Printable Formats
– No cover letter builder
Skillroads AI Resume GeneratorFree resume builder with a tailored questionnaire process.– Improves application materials
– Expert advice on structure
– Offers a free AI resume
– Professional writers oversee premium services
– One free PDF resume creation
– Higher cost
– Not many design options
– Limited customization
KickresumeUses OpenAI’s GPT model for crafting structured resumes.– Provides free plans
– LinkedIn data import feature
– Grammar and spelling checker
– Variety of templates
– Career counseling and application tracking
– Limited free plan
– Premium Plus Plan is relatively expensive
Resumaker.aiFocuses on crafting compelling career narratives quickly.– Well-crafted templates
– Clean and easy-to-use UI
– AI matches job descriptions with resumes
– Provides high-quality suggested phrases
– Interactive help for beginners
– Requires a subscription
– Few customization choices
– Limited high-quality phrases option
Jasper Resume GeneratorA good AI system for resume writing, uses smart technology.– Gives ideas and examples
– Suggestions for important info
– Real-time preview of resume
– Easy download in PDF or Word
– No free plans
– A bit expensive
ReziSmart tool for making resumes optimized for ATS.– Works well with ATS
– Pay once, use forever
– Free sign-up with no credit card needed
– Free plan with ready-made resume parts
– Time-consuming
– Not the easiest UI
– Limited free trials
Resume GeniusWell-known for making professional summaries quickly.– User-friendly with guided assistance
– Stylish and professionally designed layouts
– Generates random summaries with a click
– Exports resume to Microsoft Word
– Time-consuming for personalized summaries
– Can’t use existing resumes
– Requires specific order for entering information
– No free plan
Resume WordedIntelligent writing assistant for professional summaries.– Quick and efficient resume creation
– Decent number of templates
– Uses algorithms for ATS-friendly resumes
– Feedback from recruiting experts
– LinkedIn profile improvement strategies
– Limited creative layouts
– Few options for personalizing resumes and LinkedIn profiles
MyPerfectResumeValuable resume-building resource with a user-friendly approach.– Many professional resume examples
– Edit multiple resumes for different jobs
– Resources for creating cover letters
– Can’t make photo CVs
– Limited customization options
– Downloading and printing require a subscription
Resume-NowPlatform for professional resumes with examples and templates.– Good customer support
– Easy-to-use interface
– Directly find job openings matching qualifications
– Access to free resume templates
– Some templates lack advanced formatting
– Monthly subscription might be more expensive
TealAI Resume Builder with features like AI-generated summaries.– Easy creation of bullet lists
– ATS-compatible resume templates
– Free resume builder (limited downloads)
– Comprehensive job search organization
– Only four templates and seven resume colors
– Charges for premium features
– Generated cover letters are not fully automated
EnhancvAI-powered tool for customizable resume and CV generation.– User-friendly with drag and drop
– Multiple templates available
– Best for highly customizable resumes
– Expensive
– No tips or guides for free users
NovorésuméSimple interface with personalized suggestions for resume building.– Intelligent and user-friendly interface
– AI helps format and customize resumes
– Real-time optimization for ATS success
– Various professional templates and customization options
– Premium version is not free
JobscanFocuses on optimizing resumes for ATS with interactive interface.– Interactive interface for user-friendly experience
– AI algorithm focuses on optimizing resumes for ATS
– Immediate feedback on improving resumes
– Time-consuming
– Not the easiest to use
– Limited free trials

We found that Resume.io is the best AI resume builder with a score of 9.0 out of 10, offering a variety of templates for a professional-looking resume. Zety and Skillroads also scored highly, with scores of 8.8 and 8.5, respectively.

Other notable options include Kickresume, Resumaker.ai, and Jasper Generator, all receiving scores of 8 or above. Rezi, Resume Genius, and Resume Worded are also worth considering, with scores ranging from 7.8 to 7.

In conclusion, these AI-powered resume builders provide an excellent solution for creating professional resumes quickly and easily. With various options available, there’s a tool suitable for everyone.

15 Best AI Resume Builders

If you’re seeking an AI-powered resume builder for crafting a professional resume, consider the following 13 options:


ai resume builder

Resume.io is a user-friendly AI-powered resume builder that simplifies the process of creating professional resumes. It provides an intuitive interface, guiding users step-by-step through the resume-building process. The platform offers a wide range of templates for various industries and roles. You can create a resume tailored for a job description, and the AI tool will generate the resume on its own. You can even change the templates if you need to analyze how your achievements and skills show up differently in different formats.


  • Very user-friendly interface
  • High number of templates available for various industries and roles
  • Great AI writer
  • Flexible personalization
  • Can create a resume tailored for a job description


  • No free plan
  • Fonts cannot be changed

Zety AI Resume Builder

image 105

Zety is one of the most popular online resume builders that uses AI to assist you in writing your resume’s content. It boasts a nice range of simple templates, a user-friendly interface, and helpful suggestions for your resume’s content. You can choose the best template from the multiple options available. Once selected, Zety will ask you to upload your own resume or create a new one from scratch. Just provide the basic information about your work history and education; the AI resume builder will generate the relevant list of duties and concepts learned on its own.


  • Lots of features
  • Good user interface
  • Easily customizable AI-generated content
  • Easily switch between templates at any time
  • Allows you to preview your resume at any stage
  • Spelling & grammar checker


  • Limited free version
  • Payment for Printable Formats
  • No cover letter builder

Skillroads AI Resume Generator

image 106

Skillroads is the secret weapon for conquering the job market and unlocking boundless career possibilities. This dynamic free resume builder is tailor-made for individuals facing the challenging maze of job hunting. You can share your name, email, and phone number to start the 6-step process for resume building. Skillroads will provide you with a questionnaire tailored to your desired job, uncovering your objectives, shining highlights, experience, skills, and education.


  • Improves application materials with resume review services
  • Provides expert advice on structure, proofreading, and concision
  • Offers a free AI resume using a questionnaire format
  • Professional writers oversee premium services
  • One PDF resume creation and download is free


  • Higher cost
  • Not many designs/templates offered
  • There is little room for customization
  • No space for your content addition


image 107

Kickresume’s AI Resume Builder harnesses the formidable capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT model. Ideal for crafting structured documents, it empowers you to create a job-winning resume with unparalleled efficiency and precision. Kickresume’s online resume builder streamlines the process of creating a professional resume. After logging in, you begin by completing a quick questionnaire about your personal information, work experience, education, skills, and hobbies.


  • Provides free plans
  • Includes a LinkedIn data import feature
  • Features a grammar and spelling checker
  • Offers a variety of templates for both resumes and cover letters
  • Offers career counseling and application tracking for job seekers
  • 100% Refund within 14 days


  • Limited free plan
  • The Premium Plus Plan is relatively expensive


image 108

Resumaker.ai is not just about creating resumes but about crafting compelling career narratives. This AI resume builder has mastered the art of resume bullet points, ensuring that your skills and experiences shine in a way employers genuinely appreciate. It lets you create a resume in minutes.


  • Good number of well-crafted templates tailored to users
  • Clean and easy to use UI
  • The platform uses AI to match job descriptions with the resume
  • Provides high-quality, relevant suggested phrases
  • User-friendly process with built-in interactive help for beginners
  • User-friendly resume-building process with interactive help
  • Offers a comprehensive resume writing guide, including organization, format, and recruiter perspective
  • Allows complete control over resume appearance with a Skills Suggestion Tool for adding functional skills


  • Requires a subscription; no free alternative available
  • Few customization choices, limited to line spacing and color
  • Limited high-quality phrases option (5 sentences for resume summary, 10 for bulleted achievements)

Jasper Resume Generator

image 109

Jasper is a good AI system that helps with writing, like making a resume. It uses smart technology to help when you’re stuck. So, if you want a tool that can make really good stuff, Jasper might be the one for you. To use Jasper, pick a template you like, put in your details, and you’re done. You can copy what Jasper makes into your file or download it. Once it’s done, you can download, print, or put it on job websites.


  • Gives ideas and examples.
  • Gives suggestions for important info.
  • Shows how your resume will look in real-time.
  • Easy to download in PDF or Word.


  • No free plans.
  • A bit expensive.


Rezi is a smart tool for making resumes. It gives ready-made text for different parts of your resume. Each part is made for a specific job in your field and made better with keywords to get through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Rezi is a special tool for making resumes that work well with ATS. Many businesses use ATS to go through resumes. With Rezi, you can make sure your resume is ready for this and stands out.


  • Works well with ATS.
  • Pay once, use forever.
  • No need for a credit card; it’s free to sign up.
  • Free plan with ready-made resume parts for different jobs.


  • Takes time.
  • Not the easiest to use.
  • Limited free trials.

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Resume Genius

Resume Genius is a well-known ai resume builder for making professional summaries. With one click, you can get a whole new summary or follow simple steps to make your own in under two minutes. This easy tool makes a summary for your CV, showing your best qualifications, work history, and main tasks. Important skills, tasks, and achievements, along with things like certificates, come next.


  • Easy to use with help and hints.
  • Looks good with professional designs.
  • Makes random summaries with just one click.
  • Can save resume in Microsoft Word.


  • Takes time for personalized summaries.
  • Can’t use existing resumes.
  • Needs specific order for info; not flexible.
  • No free plan.

Resume Worded

Resume Worded is a smart helper for writing that makes professional summaries quickly. Using this tool can help you stand out and impress employers. This advanced resume maker lets you quickly check how well your resume fits the jobs you want. It also gives unique insights you can use to make your resume even better.


  • Quick and easy to make a resume.
  • Decent number of templates.
  • Uses algorithms to make resumes ATS-friendly.
  • Gives feedback from recruiting experts.
  • Helps improve LinkedIn profiles.


  • Not many options for creative layouts.
  • Few choices for personalizing resumes and LinkedIn profiles.


MyPerfectResume is a helpful AI resume builder with lots of good templates. It makes creating a resume easy and guides you through every step. It’s like a wizard that helps tell your story in a neat way, offering easy-to-use templates and expert advice. But MyPerfectResume doesn’t stop at resumes; it also gives you matching cover letters to improve your job application. While you can customize things like color, font, and text size, there are some limits. You can try out all the templates and features for free, but to download or print, you need a subscription.


  • Has many professional resume examples.
  • Lets you edit many resumes for different jobs.
  • Provides resources for creating cover letters.


  • Can’t make photo CVs.
  • Limited customization options.
  • Need to download as a Word document and open in Google Docs; sometimes, the formatting isn’t perfect.
  • Subscription plans aren’t clear, and there are limited downloads without a subscription.


Resume Now is a platform that helps with professional resumes, giving examples and templates approved by recruiters for various jobs. It also gives useful writing tips to help you customize your resume quickly for each job. Starting your resume journey is easy with this platform. Choose a template, and you get lots of possibilities. The editor guides you as you choose, letting you create a new resume from scratch or refresh an existing one with a new template.


  • Good customer support.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Directly find job openings that match your qualifications.
  • Access to free, polished resume templates.
  • Customize formatting, style, and colors.


  • Some templates lack advanced formatting.
  • Monthly subscription might be more expensive than the best free resume builders.


Teal AI Resume Builder helps make professional resumes quickly and easily using AI and GPT technologies. It creates AI-generated summaries, achievements, and cover letters that match job descriptions. Teal is a complete solution for resume creation with professional templates and real-time feedback. Teal doesn’t just build resumes; it also helps with job searches, researches job openings, and keeps you motivated. It’s a user-friendly tool for creating professional resumes for both entry-level and experienced job seekers. Writing resumes is easy with its simple interface. The builder offers many templates for different sectors and jobs, letting users choose a format that suits their profession and position.


  • Makes it easy to create bullet lists.
  • Has ATS-compatible resume templates.
  • Free resume builder (limited downloads).
  • Helps organize job searches comprehensively.


  • Offers only four templates and seven resume colors.
  • Charges for premium features.
  • Generated cover letters are not fully automated.


Enhancv is another tool using AI to make resumes and CVs. It helps you make your resume look the way you want with different templates. It mainly covers three things: summary, experience, and education. You can also add achievements, skills, and languages. Changing colors and fonts can also make your document look more professional.


  • Easy to use, like drag and drop.
  • Many templates to pick from.
  • Best for making highly customizable resumes.


  • Expensive.
  • No tips or guides for free users.

If you want a smart and easy-to-use interface, Novoresume is the best for you.


Novorésumé simple interface helps you build your resume step by step, giving you personalized suggestions for each section. It uses AI to format and customize your resume, making it easier to tailor it for different jobs.

The resume builder constantly optimizes and suggests improvements to ensure your resume gets noticed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). You can create resumes, CVs, or cover letters with AI guidance.

The free option is perfect for budget-conscious users, but the premium version offers more. Additional features include multi-page resumes and access to a cover letter builder.


  • Intelligent and user-friendly interface.
  • Personalized suggestions for each resume section.
  • AI helps format and customize your resume.
  • Real-time optimization for ATS success.
  • Offers various professional templates and customization options.
  • Provides hundreds of resume examples for inspiration.
  • Free option available.


  • Premium version is not free but offers extra features like multi-page resumes and a cover letter builder.


Jobscan is a unique ai resume builder with an interactive interfa. It stands out by focusing on optimizing resumes for Applicant Tracking Systems. The platform evaluates how well your resume matches a specific job description and provides instant feedback on enhancing your resume to increase your chances of getting an interview.

The AI recognizes skills and phrases from the job description and suggests including them in your resume while ensuring it remains tailored and ATS-friendly.


  • Interactive interface for user-friendly experience.
  • AI algorithm focuses on optimizing resumes for Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • Provides immediate feedback on how to improve your resume.
  • Identifies relevant skills and phrases from the job description.
  • Recommends including these skills in your resume for a better match.
  • Ensures tailored and ATS-friendly resume content.
  • Offers customizable resume and cover letter templates.
  • Helps optimize LinkedIn profile for a polished online presence.


  • Takes time.
  • Not the easiest to use.
  • Limited free trials.

Summing Up

With the help of AI-powered resume builders, job seekers can save time and access professional templates to stand out from other applicants. Enhancv, Kickresume, Zety, Teal, and Resumaker.ai are some of the top AI resume builders to consider. Additionally, those seeking a flexible job with work-life balance can check out the 4-Day Week Job Portal, which offers remote job opportunities. With these resources at our disposal, we can streamline our job search and find opportunities that align with our needs and goals.

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