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12 Best AI Video Generators to Use in 2024

Best AI Video Generators

As businesses and content creators, we understand the importance of video content in today’s highly visual environment. With over 80% of online traffic being video traffic, it’s no surprise that video content is preferred over other forms of online content such as text and images. However, creating and disseminating video content has traditionally been both time-consuming and costly.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the game by making it easier than ever to generate video content. With the wide range of AI video generators available, it has never been more accessible to create video content. In this article, we will explore some of the best AI video generators on the market and how they can help businesses and content creators save time and money while producing high-quality video content.

Key Takeaways

  • AI video generators are changing the game by making it easier and more accessible than ever to create high-quality video content.
  • With over 80% of online traffic being video traffic, video content is a must-have for businesses and content creators looking to reach their audiences.
  • The wide range of AI video generators available provides businesses and content creators with the ability to save time and money while producing high-quality video content.

Top AI Video Generator in 2024


Pictory is an AI video generator that allows us to create and edit high-quality videos with ease. One of the best things about Pictory is that it doesn’t require any previous experience in video editing or design. The tool is cloud-based, which means it can be used on any computer.

To create a video with Pictory, we simply need to provide a script or article as the base content. Pictory can then turn this into an engaging video that can be used on social media or our website. This is an excellent feature for personal bloggers and companies looking to increase engagement and quality.

Pictory also makes it easy to edit videos using text. This is perfect for editing webinars, podcasts, Zoom recordings, and more. The tool takes just minutes to use and delivers professional results that help us grow our audience and build our brand.

Another great feature of Pictory is that we can create shareable video highlight reels. This is useful for those looking to create trailers or share short clips on social media. Additionally, we can automatically caption and summarize videos.

Here are some of the key features of Pictory:

  • Video creation based on articles or scripts
  • Text-based video editing
  • Creation of shareable video highlight reels
  • Automatic captioning and summarization of videos

Overall, Pictory is an excellent tool for creating and editing high-quality videos without any prior experience. With its cloud-based platform and user-friendly interface, it’s a great option for personal bloggers and businesses alike.


We highly recommend Synthesys as one of the best AI video generators available. Synthesys is a company that specializes in developing algorithms for text-to-voiceover and videos for commercial use. It is designed to help creators and companies enhance their video content, such as explainer videos and product tutorials, in just a matter of minutes.

One of the main features of Synthesys is its Text-to-Video (TTV) technology, which transforms scripts into dynamic media presentations. The tool offers 69 real “Humatars” and a voice bank of 254 unique styles. It also offers full customization, an easy-to-use interface for editing and rendering, and high-resolution output.

With Synthesys, creators and companies can create videos with lip-syncing AI video technology without the need for cameras or film crews. All you have to do is choose an avatar and type your script in one of the 140+ available languages, and the tool will produce a high-quality video.

Synthesys is an excellent tool for explainer videos, eLearning, social media, and product descriptions. Its easy-to-use interface makes it a great option for those who are new to video creation.

Overall, Synthesys is a powerful and user-friendly tool for creating AI-generated videos. Its advanced features and customization options make it an ideal choice for businesses and content creators looking to enhance their video content.

To learn more about Synthesys, visit their website or read our Synthesys review.


ai video generator

Synthesia is an AI video generation platform that allows users to create videos with AI avatars. It offers over 70 diverse AI avatars, including an exclusive AI avatar for your brand. Besides the preset avatars, users can also create their own. The platform includes over 60 languages and various templates, a screen recorder, a media library, and much more. Synthesia is used by some of the world’s biggest names like Google, Nike, Reuters, and BBC.

The AI voice generation platform makes it easy to get consistent and professional voiceovers, which can be easily edited with the click of a button. These voiceovers also include closed captions. Once you have an avatar and voiceover, you can produce quality videos in a matter of minutes with more than 50 pre-designed templates. Users can upload their own brand identity assets and get custom-made templates.

Synthesia’s main features include 70+ AI avatars, 65+ languages, a wide variety of video templates, and a free media library. With Synthesia, there’s no need for complex video equipment or filming locations. The platform offers everything you need to create professional videos with ease.

In summary, Synthesia is a powerful AI video generation platform that enables users to create professional videos with AI avatars. It offers a wide variety of features, including diverse AI avatars, multiple languages, and pre-designed templates. Synthesia is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes looking to create engaging videos quickly and easily.

Deepbrain AI

At Deepbrain AI, we offer a tool that allows you to create AI-generated videos using basic text instantly. With our Text-to-Speech feature, you can receive your first AI video in 5 minutes or less. Getting started is easy with just three quick steps. First, create a new project and choose a starter template or use your own PPT template. You can then manually type in or copy and paste your script, and the contents of your uploaded PPT will be entered in automatically. Once you select the appropriate language and AI model and finish editing, you can export the synthesized video.

Our tool offers several benefits, including the ability to easily find a custom-made AI avatar that best fits your brand. The intuitive tool is designed to be super easy to use for beginners, and it offers significant time savings in video preparation, filming, and editing. Our tool also provides cost-saving benefits in the entire video production process.

Visit our website to read our DeepBrain AI Review and learn more about how our tool can help you create AI-generated videos with ease.

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InVideo is a powerful AI tool that allows us to generate marketing and explainer videos without any background in video creation or video editing. With InVideo, we can create high-quality videos in just a few minutes. The tool offers various templates that are professionally designed and animated, making it easy to create videos that look great.

One of the best things about InVideo is that it creates video from input text. This means that we can simply input our text, select the best template or customize our own, and download the finished video. We can then share the video content directly to social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

InVideo is perfect for developing promo videos, presentations, video testimonials, slideshows, and even memes. It offers many features that make video creation easy and accessible, including professionally designed templates, the ability to share straight to social media, and the ability to create videos from input text in just a few minutes.

Overall, InVideo is a great tool for anyone looking to create high-quality videos quickly and easily. It’s perfect for businesses, marketers, and anyone else who wants to create engaging video content without spending a lot of time or money on video production.


HeyGen is a video platform that allows us to create engaging business videos with generative AI. It is as easy as making PowerPoints for various use cases. With the HeyGen v3.0, new features like TalkingPhoto Generation, URL to Video, Text 2 Image, and more have been added.

The powerful platform enables us to turn text into a professional video in minutes, directly from our browser. We can record and upload our real voice to create a personalized Avatar, or simply type in the text that we want. There’s a wide range of voices with over 300+ to choose from in 40+ popular languages.

HeyGen offers multiple customizations, including combining several scenes into one video and adding music that matches the theme of the video. We can also make face swap videos and photos with HeyGen.

Here are some key features of HeyGen:

  • Choose from 300+ voices in 40+ popular languages.
  • Pick or upload your favorite music to add that final touch.
  • Make face swap videos and photos.
  • Custom Avatar with your own voice by uploading recordings.
  • Power text to video.

In conclusion, HeyGen is a powerful video platform that uses generative AI to create engaging business videos. It’s easy to use and offers a wide range of customization options.


VEED.IO is a user-friendly AI video generator that allows us to create high-quality videos with ease. With its customizable text, fonts, colors, and music, we can create unique videos that convey our message effectively. Additionally, VEED.IO offers different themes that help us create videos that cater to specific audiences.

One of the standout features of VEED.IO is its ability to transcribe video files in one click. We can upload our video, click on “Auto Transcribe,” and download the transcript. This feature makes it easy for us to add captions or subtitles to our videos, making them more accessible to a wider audience.

VEED.IO is a popular platform for content creators worldwide, and it has gained this reputation due to its ease of use. It doesn’t require any previous video editing experience, and there is no software to download. We can work on creating content right in our browser, making it a convenient option for those who are always on the go.

Some of the main features of VEED.IO include:

  • Customizable text, fonts, colors, music, and more
  • Different themes to choose from
  • One-click video transcription
  • No video editing experience required

Overall, VEED.IO is an excellent option for those who want to create professional-looking videos without any prior experience. Its user-friendly interface and helpful features make it a popular choice among content creators.


Fliki is a text-to-video and text-to-speech AI-powered platform that allows users to create videos easily by using a script-based editor. One of the standout features of Fliki is its ability to combine text to video AI and text to speech AI capabilities, which gives users an all-in-one platform for their content creation needs. With Fliki, users can create videos for various use cases, including educational videos, explainers, product demos, social media content, YouTube videos, Tiktok Reels, and video ads.

Fliki offers over 2000 realistic text-to-speech voices across 75+ languages, making it a versatile tool for users worldwide. Additionally, Fliki requires no video editing experience, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Some of the key features of Fliki include:

  • Text-to-video AI that allows users to turn prompts into videos.
  • Over 2000 realistic text-to-speech voices across 75+ languages.
  • No video editing experience necessary.

Overall, Fliki is a powerful tool for creating videos that can help users achieve their content creation goals.


We have researched and found that Colossyan is one of the first companies to develop AI-powered video generators that simplify the video creation process for content creators, marketers, and small business owners. Their tool can be used for everything from HR training videos to YouTube clips, and aims to make creating video content easier and more accessible to all.

Their AI video generator enables you to choose from a diverse range of avatars and provide the avatar with a script. You can easily change accents and clothing, and choose from over 120 languages. After your first video is generated, you can then target different regions by auto-translating your whole video with the touch of a button. Additionally, you can enhance video messages through screen recordings and add subtitles to your AI videos.

Colossyan also offers the option to pick from their selection of commercially available synthetic AI presenters to connect with your audience. They have a range of features to personalize videos, enhance engagement, and automate translation.

Overall, Colossyan’s AI video generator is a powerful tool that allows users to create stunning videos with ease, thanks to its intuitive interface and advanced AI technology.


Elai.io is a leading AI video generator that allows users to create a wide range of video content from text. It is run by a team of global AI technology experts. With Elai.io, users can generate videos at scale with just a few clicks.

One of the key features of Elai.io is the ability to create professional videos from links to articles or blog posts in just three clicks. Users can copy and paste a blog post URL or HTML text, choose a template from the library, review the video, make any necessary changes, and then render and download the final product. This process can be completed quickly and easily, making it an efficient solution for creating training videos without actors, voiceovers, or post-production.

Elai.io also offers over 60 languages and more than 25 avatars to choose from. Users can select a presenter from the library or request a personal avatar. This feature can be especially useful for creating compelling product videos powered by AI.

Some of the main features of Elai.io include the ability to generate videos at scale, create video from blogs or articles, and create training videos. The platform is easy to use and offers a wide range of options for customization.

Overall, Elai.io is a powerful tool for anyone looking to create high-quality videos quickly and efficiently. With its advanced AI technology and user-friendly interface, it is a great option for businesses and individuals alike.


Descript is the top choice for an AI video generator that edits videos based on script changes. It has a user-friendly interface, allowing intuitive control and the ability to edit videos by modifying the transcription. While it may have occasional inaccuracies in transcription, Descript saves time by simplifying the video editing process.

For individuals who tend to record more content than necessary, Descript streamlines the editing process by automatically generating a transcript and separating scenes. Instead of manually navigating the timeline, users can highlight sections in the transcript to be removed, and Descript seamlessly edits the video accordingly. The platform also facilitates scene division and enables the addition of B-roll without leaving the editor window.

Descript offers a flexible workflow, allowing users to edit video as they would a text document. Additionally, it integrates with Zapier, enabling automation across various apps to enhance the video creation workflow. Descript’s pricing includes a free plan with limited transcription and a watermark-free video, while the Creator plan starts at $12/month, offering more transcription hours and unrestricted watermark-free video exports.

In summary, Descript stands out as a time-saving AI video editor with a user-friendly interface and convenient features for efficient video editing based on script modifications.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is our favorite AI video editor for making your videos look better. It works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Here are the good things about Wondershare Filmora:

  1. It’s a regular video editing tool, but it also has AI features.
  2. There are lots of resources to help you learn how to use it.

And here are the not-so-good things:

  • It might be slow on computers that aren’t very powerful.

Wondershare Filmora has been around for a really long time—more than 15 years. But even though it’s been around for a while, it’s not old-fashioned. It has some AI features that make your videos better without needing you to be an expert or spend a lot of time tweaking things.

So, what are these AI features? Here’s a quick list:

  • AI smart cutout: This lets you cut things out of your video by drawing around them on the screen.
  • AI audio denoise: It helps you control background noise in your audio.
  • AI audio stretch: This lets you make your music play for a bit longer to match your video.
  • AI motion tracking: You can use this to find and blur faces in your video for privacy, or you can add funny faces for memes—it’s up to you.
  • AI remove background: This allows you to add a picture, like a person running on the moon, without needing fancy editing skills.
  • AI silence detection: It helps you get rid of pauses and make quick, snappy edits.

All these features are easy to use, making Wondershare Filmora a complete video editing app. If you’re having trouble, Wondershare has pages on their website that explain each feature in detail. There are also other cool features, like a library of templates that quickly create a video based on your footage and auto beat sync, which keeps your edits in time with your music.

When you finish editing, you can change how your video looks when you export it—pick the format, resolution, quality, and even the frame rate. If you want to save time when sharing your video, you can connect it to your YouTube, TikTok, or Vimeo account to upload it faster. I found one more useful feature: if you turn on Auto Highlight when exporting, Filmora will make a short 15-second video for TikTok or a 60-second one for YouTube shorts, in addition to your main video.

As for the price, there’s a free plan, but it adds a watermark to your video. The yearly plan costs $67.97, or you can buy Filmora X for a one-time payment of $109.99.


Peech is the AI video tool we recommend for content marketing teams. It works on the web and works best with Google Chrome.

Here’s why Peech is good:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • You can customize how your videos look.

But there’s a downside:

  • It can be expensive.

Do you ever get tired of reusing the same content? I get it—it can be boring to use the same stuff for different audiences and platforms. Peech can help you do it faster.

Peech Lite, the main product, needs you to set up your brand first. Put in your logo and choose your colors. Peech will then use these to brand all your videos automatically. When you add your pictures or videos, Peech will find faces and ask you to add names and roles. This means every time they show up in another video, you’ll see their name and role on the screen.

Each time you make a new video, Peech will add these things, plus you can add subtitles in your style. I like that you can pick some words and make them stand out with your brand colors. The first version Peech gives you is usually good, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time fixing it. You can quickly choose the size and length of your video and get it ready to share.

Peech Lite has cool features, and there are two more products to help you make videos even faster:

  • Peech Webinars: This lets you put all your webinars into Peech, pick the parts you want to use again, and turn them into short TikToks or YouTube Shorts—all with your brand on them.
  • Peech Testimonials: This makes it easy to create video testimonials. Invite your clients to share their reviews through email, and Peech will give them instructions on recording. Once they’re done, you’ll get the final video with subtitles and your branding.

As for the cost, there’s a free plan for one person with two videos per month, each limited to 5 minutes and with a watermark. The Pro plan starts at $59/month, letting you make up to 10 videos a month, each up to 50 minutes long, without a watermark.

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