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The 12 Best AI Website Builders in 2024

AI website builder

Looking to build a visually stunning website with speed and efficiency? The best AI website builders are changing the game by introducing artificial intelligence into the site-building process. These builders utilize generative AI tools to revolutionize web design, making it easier than ever to create professional, mobile-optimized sites in minutes. This article will review the top AI website builders, exploring the ultimate tools of future web design guaranteed to save time and build professional-looking websites with great ease.

Join the exploration of AI website builders that go beyond traditional methods, bringing the power of artificial intelligence to the forefront of web design. These innovative tools promise to streamline the website creation process and offer personalized solutions, eliminating the need for extensive manual labor.

Top 12 AI Website Builders of 2024

Creating a website can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have any technical skills or time to dedicate to website creation. Fortunately, AI website builders can simplify the process of designing websites. Here are the 10 best AI website builders of 2023.

Divi AI

ai website builder

Experience an elevated WordPress website building journey with Divi AI. Seamlessly integrated into the Divi theme and page builder plugin, Divi AI leverages machine learning algorithms to comprehend your website’s context. With a simple click, you can produce content and images that not only captivate but also align with your brand. Picture having constant access to a copywriter, digital artist, and photographer – that’s the essence of working with Divi AI.

The AI Content Writer on the platform generates text harmonizing with your website’s context, making the creation of new pages a breeze. Meanwhile, the AI Image Generator crafts engaging visuals, and with advanced image styles and text prompts, you can refine existing imagery. Divi AI goes beyond being a mere builder; it transforms into a comprehensive web design assistant.

Key Features:

  • Instant AI content generation with a single click
  • AI-driven image creation and enhancement
  • Contextually relevant text generation
  • In-built AI copy editing options
  • Prompt generator for content suggestions
  • Ability to generate complete blog posts based on specific keywords


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Embark on a new era of website development with CodeDesign, where AI technology takes the lead. The days of grappling with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript complexities are over, as CodeDesign streamlines the entire process, eliminating the need for manual coding. This empowers businesses and individuals to concentrate on the core essentials: curating top-notch content and establishing a robust brand identity.

What makes CodeDesign truly stand out is its adaptability. It caters not only to emerging startups in search of a budget-friendly solution but also to larger enterprises aiming for a sophisticated online presence. Whether you’re unveiling your inaugural website or giving an existing one a facelift, CodeDesign’s user-friendly interface and cost-effective pricing render it a compelling choice in the competitive landscape of website builders.

Key Features:

  • Secure cloud storage for all your assets and components.
  • Built-in SEO capabilities for enhanced visibility.
  • Flexibility to publish your website on CodeDesign’s platform or export it as code.
  • CodeDesign provides its own relational database, eliminating the need for an external database.
  • Archive older versions of your website for future reference.
  • Seamless collaboration for both designers and developers.
  • If the initial design falls short, leverage the platform’s AI for a quick regeneration.
  • Elevate your content’s SEO friendliness and engagement with the AI Magic feature.


image 46

GetResponse stands out as a marketing powerhouse, and its website builder, crafted with marketing considerations, enables you to launch a live website in under 15 minutes.

Craft a personalized website effortlessly by responding to a few straightforward questions about your business requirements. Alternatively, select a template and utilize the drag-and-drop editor to tailor your design.

Once you have a design, tweaking fonts, color palettes, or button styles becomes a breeze. Implement these changes with a single click and extend them across your entire website using the Global Design tool.

For users aiming to boost website conversions, GetResponse offers built-in popups and various marketing tools. The platform provides both free and paid options, making it convenient for testing the service with the free version before transitioning to a branded domain with the paid option.

Key Features:

  • Swift one-click AI content generation
  • Effortless customization of fonts, colors, and more
  • Contextually relevant text generation
  • Diverse options of themed templates
  • Free option for testing the service


image 47

Durable.co elevates website building to unprecedented levels through its AI-driven capabilities. Picture providing only your location and business type, and within seconds, witness the creation of a fully functional website. Durable makes this vision a reality. Utilizing AI technology, the platform automatically populates your website with essential elements like content, images, colors, icons, a business location map, and contact forms. This positions Durable as exceptionally user-friendly, particularly beneficial for those stepping into the digital realm for the first time.

What distinguishes Durable from its counterparts is its robust set of dynamic AI features. Beyond website creation, it offers integrated search engine optimization (SEO), automatic content generation, and even generates business names and ad copy. In essence, Durable transcends being a conventional website builder; it functions as a personal digital marketing assistant.

Key Features:

  • AI-generated content, images, and design elements
  • Built-in SEO and content creation
  • Business name and ad copy generation
  • Three-click website launch
  • Easy customization without the need for coding
  • Analytics for performance tracking
  • Integrated marketing tools, including AI copywriting and CRM


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SITE123 has gained acclaim for its intuitive interface and straightforward design process, thanks in large part to its advanced AI site generator. When initiating a new website, the platform offers various project templates for options such as an online store, blog, or business. All it takes is entering your brand name, and voila—a fully functional yet minimalist website is created. Minor edits and personalizations are the only tasks left for you.

While the platform may not boast an extensive array of AI features, it compensates with a robust plugin section. This includes Mailmunch, an AI email subject line generator, along with a comprehensive app market featuring tools for form building, appointment scheduling, shopping carts, and more. The editor itself is designed for simplicity, with customization options conveniently arranged at the top for easy access.

Key Features:

  • AI-based automated site generator with project templates
  • Simple editor interface for effortless customization
  • Rich plugin section for extended functionality
  • Extensive app market to add features like form builders and shopping carts


image 49

Jimdo employs AI to simplify the entire website development process. To begin, you’ll respond to a series of questions regarding your objectives and design preferences. Based on your answers, Jimdo not only generates a website but also optimizes it for various devices. An outstanding feature is the platform’s ability to utilize publicly available business information to create relevant content for your site.

While Jimdo might not provide the same design flexibility as some competitors, it compensates with its array of tools. Beyond webpage construction, Jimdo enables you to establish an online store, integrate Google Analytics, manage business listings, and even design logos. The platform also suggests which pages to include and offers customizable design elements such as color palettes, fonts, and button shapes.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven multi-page site creation optimized for different devices.
  • Capability to use publicly available business information for content generation.
  • Built-in tools for setting up an online store, Google Analytics integration, and more.
  • Customizable design elements including color palettes and button shapes.

Bookmark AiDA

Bookmark employs AiDA, their Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant, to help you effortlessly build professional websites tailored to your needs. AiDA simplifies the design process and also provides insights for on-page content optimization. The platform can even translate your site into multiple languages, broadening your reach.

Aside from its speedy AI design capabilities, Bookmark lets you engage in more traditional website building through its drag-and-drop interface. The platform is particularly useful for creating responsive e-commerce stores and blogs, and also offers tools to manage customer websites effectively.


  • AiDA for goal-based website creation.
  • Drag-and-drop builder for manual design.
  • Build responsive e-commerce sites and blogs.
  • On-page content optimization and multilingual support.


GoDaddy has long been a go-to solution for domain and hosting services, and now it presents an all-inclusive AI website builder for users seeking a comprehensive website solution. Similar to Wix and Hostinger, GoDaddy’s AI website builder guides you through a brief set of questions before constructing your website. The builder is incredibly user-friendly, offering a variety of templates and drag-and-drop features for seamless design customization. Recently, GoDaddy has enhanced its builder with additional AI tools, empowering small business owners with advanced technology for increased productivity.

Key Features:

  • Quick AI onboarding process for effortless initial design.
  • Integration of booking, chatbots, and social media tools, all enhanced with time-saving AI.
  • Built-in features for advertising, SEO, and analytics.
  • AI writer functionality for crafting website content and product descriptions.


10web - Homepage May 2023

The 10Web AI WordPress Builder is an innovative AI platform tailored for agencies and freelancers seeking an effortless way to develop top-notch WordPress websites. Its AI-driven capabilities empower users to design impressive websites that meet their requirements while saving valuable time. With various paid plans offering features like AI writer integration, a drag-and-drop editor, and SSL certificates, users can effortlessly create real-time, visually striking web pages and landing pages. Notably, 10Web leverages the power of WordPress, a renowned and highly customizable platform, expanding its accessibility through AI for swift website creation.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven website creation encompassing content and images.
  • Utilizes WordPress as a robust and highly customizable foundation for diverse websites.
  • Harnesses AI to swiftly recreate old websites for enhanced efficiency.


Wix ADI is an AI-driven website builder that streamlines the process of designing websites. Its generative AI technology enables users to create visually appealing web pages, landing pages, and online stores. Wix ADI’s intuitive AI design assistant creates an AI-generated website based on answers to simple questions. Customizable outputs add a human touch to tweak AI-generated design and content easily. Once an AI website is built, users can convert it to Wix’s standard editing interface for advanced features. However, ADI won’t be usable on that website once converted over. Users should stay on the ADI editor if they want to continue using AI website building for their websites. Wix ADI is a popular AI website generator for small business owners, online stores, and freelancers. The Wix website builder offers a unique way of creating websites that many people enjoy. ADI further simplifies the process by creating unique designs based on your needs. Create a Wix site starting at $16/mo.

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Hostinger AI Website Builder

Hostinger AI Website Builder makes it easy to generate, customize, and launch a brand-new website with the power of AI. The initial process of building your site with AI only takes about 1 minute. Simply fill out a few form fields telling the builder about your website and click the button. Choosing the website type helps the builder pick from premade layouts that provide the website’s structure. Based on the information provided, the builder uses generative AI technology, including ChatGPT, to generate content, images, fonts, and color palettes to build your site. The AI creation process takes about 30 seconds before revealing your new website. With a hosting plan starting at $2.99 per month, you will unlock all the AI customization options of the builder. This will allow you to generate more advanced AI designs and use built-in AI tools, including the AI writing assistant and image generator, the AI Logo Maker, and the AI Heatmap tool to help understand user behavior. Hostinger AI Website Builder is great for beginners or small businesses who want an AI-streamlined website creation process on a fast and reliable builder platform. The AI builder and built-in AI tools will simplify creating content and design for your site. Plans start at $2.99 per month.

Framer AI

Framer AI is an impressive AI website builder that allows you to generate an entire website design using a single text prompt. Just type in what kind of site you want and watch the magic happen. If you don’t like a particular color scheme or design, you can shuffle through alternative AI results on any element with a click of a button. You can use it for generating pretty much any site. You can build professional landing pages or a dynamic blog with a built-in CMS. The intuitive user interface allows you to edit your designs using a no-code visual builder similar to Figma or Webflow. Framer AI is best for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to build a website without any

What’s the Best AI Website Builder?

When it comes to choosing the best AI website builder, several options are available in the market. Wix, Hostinger, and Divi AI are some of the most popular AI website builders that offer a range of features and functionalities to create a website quickly and easily.

Wix is a reliable and easy-to-use AI website builder that has stood the test of time. Its ADI design system is one of the current best, making it an ideal choice for those who want an easy-to-use platform.

Hostinger is perfect for DIY types and small businesses that enjoy simplicity and speed. Its AI website builder and tools speed up the design process, and users will have everything they need to get a website up and running.

If users want to combine AI’s power with WordPress’s flexibility, then Divi AI is the way to go. WordPress is the most popular website-building framework in the world, powering over 40% of all websites. Divi AI offers an open-source nature that fosters innovation, and its community supports thousands of free plugins.

For those looking for more options, there are other top website builders available, and users can check out a complete collection of the best AI tools to boost productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the best AI website builders:

What is the best AI website builder?

The best AI website builder is Wix ADI. It offers an AI-driven design process, enabling users to create visually appealing and functional websites with minimal effort. Its user-friendly interface and various customizable templates make it a top choice for individuals and businesses looking to build professional websites quickly and efficiently.

What is the best free AI website builder?

While some AI website builders offer a free tier or a free trial, they all require payment to unlock premium features. The best way to use AI to create a website for free would be to leverage free AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney to get inspiration and assist you in the coding and content creation process.

Can I use ChatGPT to build a website?

While ChatGPT can assist with content generation and provide suggestions for website design, it is not a standalone AI website builder. You’ll need to use a website builder, a content management system, and ChatGPT’s content generation capabilities to create a website. ChatGPT can also help with writing code, but the chat interface isn’t ideal for creating websites.

Is there an AI that can build websites?

Yes, AI-driven tools can assist in building websites, and Wix ADI is a notable example. Wix ADI utilizes an intuitive AI design assistant that generates website designs based on users’ responses to simple questions. This innovative technology simplifies the website creation process, making it accessible to users without technical skills.

Can AI build websites from the ground up?

AI can build websites from the ground up with tools like Wix ADI. This AI-driven approach simplifies website-building, allowing users to generate a complete website without extensive technical knowledge or coding skills.

Is Wix ADI free?

No, Wix ADI is not entirely free. While it is free for users to build their websites on the Wix platform, certain premium features and functionalities may require a paid subscription or an upgraded plan to access them.

How can AI be used to improve an existing website?

AI can enhance an existing website by automating data collection and analysis. By leveraging AI algorithms, website owners can gather valuable insights into user behavior, site performance, and other relevant metrics. This information enables data-driven decision-making, improving the overall user experience. With AI-powered analytics, website owners can optimize their websites, drive better results, and continuously refine their strategies to meet user needs effectively.

How can I add AI to my website?

There are several ways to add AI to your website, such as using AI-powered chatbots to provide customer service and assistance, integrating AI algorithms to automate data collection and analysis, and using AI to enhance your written content. You can also use AI to improve your website’s design and user experience, allowing you to create a more engaging and effective website for your audience.

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