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12 Best SQL AI Tools for Data Analysis in 2024


If you deal with data and databases, using SQL AI tools can make your work easier and faster. Whether you’re a data analyst, data scientist, developer, or a database administrator (DBA), wouldn’t it be fantastic if SQL queries could be generated automatically from plain language (perfect for data analysts!) or if query performance could be optimized? If you’re starting to learn SQL, this is also a great way to begin.

We’ve gathered some of the most popular SQL AI tools available.

Quick Review

Tool NameFeatures
AI2sql.ioAI-driven SQL query generation, Natural language instruction, Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc., Integration with OpenAI’s GPT-3, Designed for querying databases, Product Hunt ranking, Version 2.0 with ChatGPT capabilities, 142 Upvotes
AI QueryGPT-3 model for SQL generation, Supports Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, Visual interface for defining database structures, Launched on Product Hunt, Visual UI, One month after ChatGPT release
OuterbaseWorks on Postgres, MySQL, relational databases, Modern and minimal interface, User-friendly for analysts, AI-enhanced SQL capabilities, No updates since April, Product Hunt and Hacker News release
SQL ChatShifts to Chat-based UI, Integrates with ChatGPT, Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, TiDB Serverless, Accurate SQL queries, Subscription model, GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 options, Significant attention since Product Hunt launch
ProbeAICopilot for data analysts, Generates and fixes SQL, Table discovery, User-friendly, Compatible with databases and servers, Enhances productivity
AvantyAI-driven tool for data query and BI, Faster data analysis without SQL queries, User-friendly interface, Works with diverse data sets, AI for data analysis and pattern recognition
Vanna.AIAI-powered BI assistant, Conversations with Snowflake DB without SQL/Python skills, Connects seamlessly, Model tailored for accurate responses, Improves with each query, AI-generated SQL, User-friendly interface
Olli.aiAI platform for enterprises, Customized dashboards and insights, Flexible and secure architecture, Role-specific insights, Charts exportable, Data and AI with enterprise-grade security, Private network and data access controls
OSS InsightAnalyzes GitHub event data, GitHub Data Explorer with Chat2Query, Repo rankings, Developer and repo analytics, Collections, Workshops, Blog
Text2SQL.AIGenerates SQL based on database schema, Affordable ($4/month for 300 requests), Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, BigQuery, MS SQL Server, Generates SQL, regular expressions, Excel, Google Sheets formulas, Product of the week on Product Hunt
AirOpsConfigurable AI Apps, SQL query creation and modification, NLP techniques, Personalized content creation, File format transformation, AI-based app builder
CodeSquireAI-powered coding assistant, Works with Jupyter, VS Code, Pycharm, Google Colab, Converts comments into code, Simplifies SQL queries, Code understanding, Fast code generation, Bar charts, Dataframe to AWS buckets, Data filtering and selection
ChannelAI-powered data connection and answers tool, Quick data access from multiple sources, Query builder, Data visualizations, Automated data processing, User-friendly interface, Slack group for collaboration

Top 12 SQL AI Tools You Should Try



AI2sql is a tool driven by AI that generates SQL queries. You can instruct AI2sql using natural language to complete SQL queries. It has been around since 2021, even before the AIGC wave. It recently integrated with OpenAI’s GPT-3. Unlike ChatGPT, AI2sql is specifically designed for querying databases and generating SQL queries. It supports popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc. On its first launch in 2021 on Product Hunt, AI2sql ranked fifth for the day, an impressive feat at the time. Two years later, version 2.0 was introduced with ChatGPT capabilities and received 142 Upvotes.

AI Query

AI Query Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2023]

AI Query uses the GPT-3 model to generate SQL queries from natural language. It currently supports database types such as Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, and SQL Server, with plans to include others in the future. What sets it apart is its visual interface, allowing you to define the structure of database tables directly. AI Query was launched on Product Hunt just one month after ChatGPT was released (at the end of November 2022).


image 168

Outerbase, released earlier this year, works on top of databases like Postgres, MySQL, and most relational databases. It has a modern and minimal interface, similar to a spreadsheet, making it user-friendly for data analysts and business users. Despite its AI-enhanced capabilities for SQL and database insights, there haven’t been updates since April, leaving users curious about its current status. After its release on Product Hunt and Hacker News earlier this year, there have been no updates on their Changelog or social media channels.

SQL Chat

image 169

SQL Chat takes SQL clients from the traditional GUI-based stage to the CUI (Chat-based UI) stage. It integrates with ChatGPT to help you write SQL and answer questions about databases. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and TiDB Serverless. By connecting SQL Chat to your database, it can generate more accurate SQL queries. Recently, SQL Chat introduced a subscription model and the option to choose between GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 models. Since its launch on Product Hunt, SQL Chat has gained

ProbeAI serves as a helpful assistant for data analysts, functioning as a copilot. It can generate SQL code and fix SQL automatically based on simple prompts. The tool aids in table discovery and offers various useful features. By eliminating the need for manual SQL code creation, ProbeAI enables data analysts to concentrate on intricate analysis. It is designed to be user-friendly, compatible with databases and servers, and enhances productivity and efficiency.


image 170

Avanty is an AI-driven tool for data query and business intelligence, streamlining the process of extracting insights from data sets. It provides a faster alternative to analyzing data without the necessity of using SQL queries. Avanty is accessible to anyone, offering a user-friendly interface and the ability to work with diverse data sets. AI is utilized to analyze data, recognize patterns, and reveal insights for decision-making.


Vanna AI acts as an AI-powered business intelligence assistant, allowing users to have conversations with their Snowflake database without requiring SQL or Python skills. The tool seamlessly connects to the Snowflake warehouse, creating a model tailored to the specific database for more accurate responses. Vanna AI enables users to ask questions in plain English and receive immediate answers, continually improving the model with each query. The tool makes data analysis and decision-making more convenient and efficient with its AI-generated SQL and user-friendly interface.


Olli is an AI platform tailored for enterprises, generating customized dashboards and insights to assist non-technical users in making data-driven decisions swiftly. The platform features a flexible and secure architecture deployed on the user’s infrastructure, ensuring control over data access. Olli automatically produces role-specific insights for each team within the business, facilitating quick answers to data queries. Charts generated by Olli can be easily exported to other tools. The platform delivers data and AI capabilities with enterprise-grade security, featuring a private network and secure data access controls. With Olli’s AI platform, businesses can leverage their data effectively for various purposes, and team members can create dashboards and find answers to data queries without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

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OSS Insight

OSS Insight is a strong tool that gives lots of useful details about the open-source world by looking at billions of lines of data from GitHub events. One cool part is the GitHub Data Explorer, where users can find out things in GitHub event data using SQL made by AI. The tool uses Chat2Query, an AI tool for making SQL in TiDB Cloud.

Besides the GitHub Data Explorer, OSS Insight has other things like repo rankings, info about developers, info about repos, collections, workshops, and a blog.


Use Text2SQL.AI by providing your database schema, selecting your database type (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, BigQuery, MS SQL Server), and let Text2SQL.AI generate the corresponding SQL for you.

Compared to other SQL AI tools, Text2SQL.AI’s website emphasizes its affordability (priced at $4/month for 300 requests) and unique capability to generate not only SQL but also regular expressions, Excel, and Google Sheets formulas. This versatility makes it especially useful for business analysts who frequently work with Excel and data.

Text2SQL.AI stood out as the #1 Product of the week in the AI category on Product Hunt during its release, amid the abundance of AI products this year.


AirOps Apps are special apps that you can set up to do specific jobs and let you use AI technology widely, no matter where you are. With AirOps, you can do the following:

  1. Create, change, and improve SQL queries using regular language.
  2. Do NLP techniques like sorting out text, figuring out feelings, and pulling out important details on a large scale without needing special skills or training information.
  3. Make personalized content using context from your data storage, the internet, or any API.
  4. Change different file types (like videos, audios, PDFs, and texts) into short summaries or new types of files (like landing pages, emails, blog posts).
  5. Make your own special AI-based apps using the AirOps app builder.


CodeSquire is a helpful tool powered by AI made for data scientists, engineers, and analysts. It works with well-known platforms such as Jupyter, VS Code, Pycharm, and Google Colab to help users write code quickly by turning comments into code, making whole functions easily, and making it simple to create SQL queries.

It also helps users get what other people’s code means and make complicated functions with lots of steps.

With CodeSquire, users can make code quickly that fits their style and needs. The tool can be used to turn thoughts into code, make work faster, and do a better job.

Other things it can do include making bar charts, putting dataframes into AWS buckets, and choosing and organizing data. CodeSquire is a Chrome extension and has a Slack group where people can learn more about the future of coding in data science.


Channel is a tool that uses AI to make connecting data and getting answers to questions simple. It lets users quickly get data from many places and turn it into useful insights.

The tool has many features, like a way to make queries, show data in pictures, and process data automatically. The query builder helps users make queries easily with a simple and easy-to-use setup.

Data pictures let users look at and understand data in an easy way. Auto data processing helps users deal with data fast and without mistakes.

Channel also has a Slack group where users can talk and work with other users. There’s also a plan to keep user data safe and private.

Wrapping Up

In our opinion, SQL AI tools are highly beneficial, enhancing efficiency, saving time, and simplifying interactions with databases. However, like any tool, they are not flawless. While they employ advanced natural language processing models, there may be occasional inaccuracies in the results. If you plan to use them in a production environment, it’s crucial to double-check before executing commands.

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